The World According to Julie J: New Music From Waka, Gucci, Young Thug, Lil Durk & More

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I took a break from listening to <em>By Any Means</em> to find some other dope music.

The Flush

Grip Plyaz – “Ray Lewis” Video


<em>"Ain't nothin' to it."</em>

The Flush

Grip Plyaz – “Ray Lewis”

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Remember those b-words all through school who would spend all day smoking and then still get better grades than nearly everyone.

Willie Joe

SL Jones, Grip Plyaz & Willie Joe – “Neva Die” (Prod. by SMKA)


SMKA's made this whole "Hang Out" idea look like a blast.

Trinidad Jame$

Grip Plyaz Ft. Aleon Craft & Trinidad Jame$ – “Jackie Joyner ” x Purp, Wind & Fire Mixtape

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You know that extremely epic song playing during the slow motion finale of about a million movies.

Trinidad Jame$

Grip Plyaz Ft. Trinidad Jame$ & Go Dreamer – “F*kk Off”


You never know when the ever-elusive Grip Plyaz is going to pop up, but when he does, it sure is celebrated.


Loosies: N.O.R.E. Uses Google, Tech N9ne’s Stuck In A Klusterfuk, Mac Miller, Raekwon, Rittz & Grip Plyaz


After seeing the title to this new Noreaga single, I wasn't sure how well a hook hyping a search engine would sound in the whip.

Tuki Carter

Loosies: New Music From Playboy Tre, Trouble, Dee Goodz, Scotty, Aleon Craft & More


In its essence, we have all Georgia everything for today's roundup.

Yours Truly (Sol Album)

Loosies: Sol Needs Your Love, Smoke DZA’s Jacked Up, 1982 & Grip Plyaz

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We get so many supposed-singles from all sorts of artists, but very few actually have the magic to make it on the radio.


10.Deep Spring ’11 Lookbook Preview

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<a href=""> <a href="">10.Deep</a> releases a quick teaser video sharing pieces from the upcoming Spring 2011 line.


Grip Plyaz – “Damn Vans”

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<a href=""> Only right that we drop Grip's "Damn Vans" today since <a href="">we previewed it</a> last week and a dose of anarchy will only help to balance out the sappiness being dealt out due to the holiday.


Grip Plyaz “Damn Vans” Studio Preview

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<a href=""> Our friends at <a href="">Governed By Loyalty</a> & <a href="">Baller's Eve</a> will be dropping new material from our other friend <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> later this week to trumpet his return to NYC.


Grip Plyaz’s Purp, Wind and Fire Documentary: Part 2

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<a href=""> While the camera continues to roll, Grip details his relationship with the facets of Atlanta's differing underground scenes, recounts his musical history and hollers renowned local skater Mighty Mouse about Hip-Hop's influence in skate videos. To cap it off, Grip takes the film crew to his old Fourth Ward homestead. To view Part One, <a href="">click here</a> to backtrack.


Grip Plyaz: The Man Behind The Music

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<a href=""> Everyone has a story, albeit positive or negative, interesting or boring, fulfilled or still in progress. For <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a>, his story represents one able to transcend across multiple boundaries.


Grip Plyaz Feat. FKi – “This Is What I Do” Video

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<a href=""> If you haven't figured out by now, the party follows <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> & not the other way around.

Young Scolla

Aleon Craft – The Stargazing Soundtrack

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<a href=""> All aboard the SMKA space shuttle. Aleon Craft has crystal clear skies in his eyes as he blasts into orbit with Mick Boogie & Terry Urban for The Stargazing Soundtrack. With crew members such as Playboy Tre, Mikkey Halsted and several other literal ATLiens, to summarize this as simply a mixtape would be a crime. It's pure aeronautics. Atlanta, we have a problem. The Luke Skywalker/Issac Hayes hybrid of the game is about to get intergalatic on your arse. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Aleon Craft - The Stargazing Soundtrack</a> As an extra, Aleon sat down with <a href="">Maurice Garland</a> to break down Craft's new project.

The Week That Was

The Week That Was: The “Welcome To Miami” Edition

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<a href=""> -- In a week of <a href="">free agent signings</a>, Miami was <a href="">the big winner</a> & Dan Gilbert <a href="">just lost it</a>.

The Weathermen

The Smoking Section, DJ FU and Governed By Loyalty Present Grip Plyaz – 6 Pack Volume 1: A Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire

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<a href="">Cover art by <a href="">Talia</a> <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> is as country as it gets.

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