The Week That Was: The Loose Ends Edition

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While everyone's away enjoying the holiday weekend activities, we're headed to do the same damn thing.

Tuki Carter

Grip Plyaz Feat. Tuki – “WHATDAHELLRDOZE”

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<a href=""> Still trying to figure out how an artist can look hipster but be hood-certified? Listen to "WHATDAHELLRDOZE" a few times repeatedly to trace the outline provided by <a href="">Grip</a>.

The Weathermen

Grip Plyaz Feat. Aleon Craft – “Step Out” Video

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<a href=""> A weekend night on the town dressed in casual clothes. Nothing too prim and proper; newly pressed shirt and pristine kicks as key parts to your wardrobe. Haircut game proper from a trip to the barbershop earlier in the day. The vehicle wiped down by hand and the ashtrays emptied. Seats reclined and moving at a steady but slow pace, ready to take in the city lights & night life. Setting things in motion with “Step Out,” <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> makes a play to dominate your pregame playlist with this soulful ode to living the life.


The Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire

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<a href=""> The last time we saw <a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> he had hipsters fearing for their lives with “<a href="">F%#k Dat Hipster Sh!t</a>” down at A3C.

The SP Agency

Video: Grip Plyaz – “Jockin’” Live @ The SMKA Release Party

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<a href="">Grip Plyaz</a> is cut from a different cloth.

Young Scolla

SMKA – The 808 Experiment Vol. 2 Mixtape

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They gave you some hydro harmony with <a href="">Aleon Craft</a> and hit home with <a href="">Yelwolf</a>.


Your (Not So) Brief A3C Perfect Attendance Recap: Night Three

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While driving over to The Five Spot, Contra™ commented on the full moon that was on the horizon.


The A3C Perfect Attendance Mixtape Hosted By The Smoking Section

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SMKA & the lovely Fadia Kader™ proudly present the official mixtape for "A3C Perfect Attendance" to give everyone a proper taste of what to look forward to come Thursday.


TSS Presents The Countdown To A3C’s Perfect Attendance Showcase: Day 7

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With <a href="">fifty artists</a> to cover, we figure we'll give you a musical dosage in advance of what you'll be hearing down @ <a href="">A3C's Perfect Attendance</a> showcase, co-hosted by The TSS Crew.

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