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Baby Koalas Eat Their Mother’s Poop And Other Gross Facts About Otherwise Adorable Animals

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Did you know that baby koalas eat their mother's poop until they build up immunity to Eucalyptus leaves? It's a fact!


This Is What An Office Chair Looks Like After Having A Year’s Worth Of Cheeto Dust Wiped On It

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Is this the work of a lazy employee or just a science experiment gone terribly wrong?


This Kick Was So Vicious It Knocked A Fighter’s Eye Out

By | 3 Comments

Check out this dude getting head kicked so hard his eye comes out.


Prepare Yourself For A Most Gruesome Cauliflower Earsplosion In A MMA fight

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The problem with lower level MMA is that there's simply so much of it and sometimes the really cool stuff goes unnoticed for a long time.


MMA Fighter Leslie Smith Nearly Lost Her Ear At UFC 180 And Here Are The Gruesome Results

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Jessica Eye punched Leslie Smith's cauliflower ear at UFC 180 and it turned SUPER GROSS


Here’s How One Man Masturbated So Much That He Accidentally Killed His Family’s Cat

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A man recently confessed on Reddit that his unsanitary masturbation habits killed his family cat. Here's the story.

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Because You Probably Ate A Lot Of Meat Over The 4th Weekend, Here’s What A Heart Transplant Looks Like


Ate a lot of meat over the weekend, did you? Well, if you need a heart transplant one day, here's a preview of what you'll go through.


Mila Kunis’ Shocking Admission To Ellen: ‘I Eat Sauerkraut All Day Long’

By | 18 Comments

Mila Kunis dropped by Ellen's show where she revealed some truly disgusting things about herself.

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Brace Yourself For The Greatest, Grossest ‘Let It Go’ Rendition Yet

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A young man tries to nail "Let It Go" from Frozen, and things go horribly wrong.


You’ll Definitely Want To Punch This Self-Proclaimed ‘Most Vain’ 17-Year-Old Australian Boy In The Face

By | 19 Comments

Kurt Coleman is a 17-year-old "celebrity" in Australia due to a huge following on social media which he fills with selfies of himself. You're welcome.


A Hoarder Was Found Dead Under Piles Of Trash In His Own Home Following A Lengthy Search

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It took two days for authorities to locate the body of a Dallas man in his garbage filled, rat infested home, aaaaand I just got sick again.


Man’s Dead Body Found Horrifyingly Plastered On The Front Of A High Speed French Train

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The body of a 48-year-old man was found splattered on the front driver's carriage of a French high-speed TGV train, which went undetected for a full 25 miles. Train washer = WORST JOB EVER.


10 New Terms We Learned From Last Night’s ‘Workaholics’ Episode: ‘Orgazmo Birth’

By | 10 Comments

From 'Ders Effect' to 'Blast Off,' this week's new episode of 'Workaholics' taught us plenty of strange new words and terms.


Serious Question: Why Can’t Hedo Turkoglu Keep His Hands Out Of His Mouth?

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LA Clippers star Hedo Turkoglu can't stop licking his hands for some reason, so here's him doing it 20 times in 30 seconds. No idea, you guys.


Tila Tequila Might Have A New Sex Tape That Nobody Wants To Watch

By | 45 Comments

Vivid Entertainment might have a hardcore sex tape that involves Tila Tequila and an unnamed man, in case you want to help her think she's a celebrity.

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The Horrible, Life-Threatening ‘Cotton Ball Diet’ Is Surging In Popularity Again

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Recent TV news reports have indicated that the dangerous 'cotton ball diet' is rising in popularity among teenage girls again.

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