A Russian Athlete Put His Phone Number On His Helmet And All The Nude Pics Ensued

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Hundreds of female fans texted Russia's Alexey Sobolev nude pics after the Olympic snowboarder put his phone number on his helmet.


Charles Manson Might Be Marrying A Woman 54 Years Younger Than Him

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A 26-year old female admirer claims that she is in love with and will soon marry 79-year old California inmate Charles Manson.

ron white has a pink dick

If You’ve Ever Wondered What Sex With DMX or John Mayer Is Like, Have We Got The Reddit Thread For You!

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There's a Reddit thread going right now in which people who have slept with famous people dish on what it was like. It's pretty amusing.


Steven Stamkos Had A Hat Trick And Earned Himself A New Groupie

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Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos had a hat trick in the team's 7-2 win, and he had quite the groupie during his postgame interview.


The NHL's No. 1 Draft Pick Really Knows How To Use Twitter

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Last Friday, the Edmonton Oilers surprised no one when they selected 18-year old Russian phenom Nail Yakupov with the first pick of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

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The 10 Most Interesting Rock Star Sex Secrets From Groupie Dirt

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To be a true rock star, in the most Almost Famous meaning of the term, you need to do three things: 1) Rock and roll all night, 2) Par-tay ev-er-y day, and 3) Have a ridiculous sex life.


It Must Suck To Be Sergio Garcia

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CBS Sports golf writer Steve Elling Tweeted the above photo yesterday, and if he's to be believed, these four Gollums stalked Sergio Garcia throughout this past weekend's 93rd PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club.


The Incredibly Strange Love Affair Of Kyrie Irving And @MissHawaii

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When the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Duke guard Kyrie Irving with the No.



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I don't think I'm being facetious, sexist, or even cynical when I say that you can judge a man's success by the appearance of the women that try to sleep with him.

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