Groupon Sports Deal Of The Week: Miami Marlins Opening Day Tickets For $13


The Miami Marlins aren't wasting any time in letting their fans down, as the team has already posted Opening Day tickets on Groupon.


FYI, Groupon Is Offering Steep Discounts On Danzig Concert Tickets


Are you a Danzig fan who will be in the LA area on August 30th? If so, Groupon is selling tickets to one of his shows for $12.50.

uh ok

Fired Groupon CEO Andrew Mason Records ‘Business Advice Songs’


Apparently Andrew Mason wants to be a singing star. Or at least have a notable novelty album.


PSA For People Who Don’t Watch Wrestling: Do Not Use The Chris Benoit Groupon


If you don't watch professional wrestling, there isn't a lot wrestling fans can teach you.


Is This Groupon's Creepiest Deal Ever?


Jim Romenesko (who designed part of the picture above) tipped me off to the weirdest Groupon I've ever seen (yes, even weirder than this one): Ben Kobold will come to your house and tuck you into bed for the low price of $100 if you live within 5 miles of his zip code in the Loop district of downtown Chicago.

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Kiki Kayo 15 Things You Didn't Know About “Game Of Thrones” [Buzzfeed] Do Black Women Really Want to Be Fat.

Nicholas Braun

CBS Greenlights Horribly Titled Sitcom About Groupon


We typically leave the news about TV show pickups and cancellations to our TV nerd cousins over at Warming Glow, but I just learned about CBS ordering a sitcom about two bros working for Groupon -- to be played by McLovin' from Superbad and some dude named Nicholas Braun -- and I just can't not post about it.


Today's New Orleans Groupon Deal: $150 To Be An Extra In A Movie. Wait, WHAT?

There's an article out in Forbes today about how the film industry in New Orleans is not only booming, but presenting a challenge to the LA-area ("As Filmmaking Surges, New Orleans Becoming Serious Challenger To L.A.").


A Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator and the world's best Groupon


Thanks to FilmDrunkard Adam for sending us the heads up on this, which is easily the strangest Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North Atlantic "Titanic" DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator and 13-Day Ocean Voyage with Tour of "Titanic" From Deep Ocean Expeditions.


Today’s Living Social Deal Is The Worst EVER


Rarely does a day go by when a Groupon or a Living Social deal hits my inbox and I don't think, "I should unsubscribe to this bullsh*t.

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Viantha Foxx Pete Townshend Calls Apple 'Digital Vampires' Over iTunes' Commissions [Spinner] Wolf Blitzer Claims He Convinced Michael Jordan to Play for the Wizards [Slam] The 10 Smoothest Hip-Hop Executives in the Game [Vibe] The Musicians Least Likely to Get You Laid [Flavorwire] The [...].


Do You Know Where Your iPhone Location Data Is? And How To Delete It?

The Big Kerfuffle Over iPhone Snooping You may have already heard Apple included a disturbing feature bug with the iOS 4 update released June 2010, a secret file which kept a running log of the latitude and longitude where the phone was located along with a timestamp.


What Are You Willing To Do For Some Chicken Wings?

Weird News, American Style All the great news stories should start with the subtitle, "Police find back door open, marinara sauce on wall".


Hey Taco Bell, Where’s The Beef?


An Alabama law firm is suing Taco Bell over accusations that the pseudo-Mexican fast food chain is not living up to government standards with its meat.


How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be stepping down into an "Executive Chairmen" role starting April 4th of this year, and Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO.


Has The Mainstream Media Noticed Tunisia Yet?

World News People have been rioting in Tunis, Tunisia after weeks of unrest following the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, who killed himself after police seized his fruit stand.


Will You Invest In Social Networking?

A few years back, when online poker was at its apex, my roommate and I had a standing rule - if either of us hit a hot streak, that person controlled both accounts.


Which Group-Buying Website Will Come Out On Top?


Last week Google offered to buy Groupon for the sextuply cool amount of six billion dollars.

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