These Lunatics Watched ‘Grown Ups 2′ Every Monday For An Entire Year

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You don't know what crazy feels like until you've seen "Grown Ups 2" every week for an entire year, like these guys have.

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Enjoy This Complete Ranking Of Adam Sandler’s Movies At A Medium Pace

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For Adam Sandler's birthday, here is a very fair and forgiving ranking of all of his starring roles.


The 34th Annual Razzies Nominations Have Also Been Announced

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'Grown Ups 2' and 'After Earth' are two of the biggest Hollywood stinkers targeted in this year's Razzies Nominations.


Behold, The Worst Movies Of 2013

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The competition was tight and the usual suspects were at their laziest, but here are the worst movies of 2013.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: C-Tates Goes White House Down On Lovelace

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Today is Tuesday, November 5th and you know what that means: it's Guy Fawkes Day.


Box Office: Pacific Rim trounced by Adam Sandler and the deer-piss crew

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Good thing we had more important news to worry about this weekend than movie numbers, because those were pretty disheartening.


Comments of the Week: Florida’s Finest

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It's a trashy edition of CotW, which is appropriate because the winner gets a dead hawk.


Weekend Movie Guide: Let’s All Give Grown Ups 2 Our Money So Happy Madison Gets New Cars

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Opening Everywhere: Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim Opening Somewhere: Fruitville Station Opening in Rex Reed’s Hell: V/H/S 2 FilmDrunk Suggests: In case you haven’t read Vince’s disappointed review of Pacific Rim, you should go see Pacific Rim and then read his review to let him know if you agree with him or not, as he implied.


Of course Armond White loved Grown Ups 2

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Grown Ups 2 was pitching a Bucky Larson for a hot minute there, and the whole time I was hoping our pal Armond White would kick down the door and pop a squat over the nerds' punch bowl, as he's so brilliantly fond of doing.

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Pacific Rim beat Grown Ups 2 in opening night box office

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I admit it in advance, this is sort of a forced, feel-good story that will probably change in the next few days, but hey, what do you have against feeling good, f*ckface.


0% ALERT: Grown Ups 2 is still pitching a perfect Bucky Larson

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With only 10 critics reporting, Grown Ups 2 is still pitching a perfect Bucky Larson on RottenTomatoes with zero positive reviews.


The Top YouTube Comment on the Grown Ups 2 Trailer

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I was just watching the Grown Ups 2 trailer on YouTube (research) and I noticed that this was the top comment.


“Grown Ups 2 is tracking better than Pacific Rim.” Start filling up the Molotov cocktails?

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(awesome Jaws/Pacific Rim mashup by Matt Ferguson) Buried in a Variety article about Legendary Pictures' impending split with Warner Bros is the kind of news that makes you want to breathe into a paper bag.


With Leather’s Watch This: Shaq Loves Talking About BIRDMAN BIRDMAN

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Now that the NBA has given all of the remaining playoff teams a well-deserved night off, instead of, you know, scheduling the games accordingly so that fans could watch their favorite stars play every night, we get to sit back and enjoy some games tonight.


The Trailer For ‘Grown Ups 2′ Has Arrived

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Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock and the rest of the Happy Madison cronies are back for the sequel to my 2010 pick for the Worst Movie of the Year and, with the glaring exception of That’s My Boy, possibly the worst movie Sandler has ever made, Grown Ups.


This Week in Posters: The Hangover 3, 1st look at Harrison Ford in Anchorman

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I think the prospect of a third Hangover sounds awful to most people, but.


Let’s Fix Paulina Gretzky’s Complex Shoot

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Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina has become popular on the Internet for taking off her clothes and Instagramming it, and a couple of months ago when even her Stanley Cup mark photo had a yellow piss filter over it I asked: Has there ever been an un-instagram-filtered picture taken of Paulina Gretzky.

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