Truck North

Truck North – Quicktape


When he wasn't out making money with the Jam Boys, Truck Nizzy snuck to the studio to churn out a fast burner to remind you he can stand on his own two on the m-i-c.


Mr. Chief Feat. Guilty Simpson & ¡Mayday! – “Can’t Stand It” Video

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Sometimes our creativity can get the best of us. In the case of Mr. Chief's rather elaborate and out there music video concept for "Can't Stand It," the 313-repping MC took the idea of a true Hip-Hop artist burying his cherished microphone for good - in this case Guilty Simpson - then having a creature unearth and sell it for a few measly bucks.


Guilty Simpson x Madlib – “Kill ‘Em”

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People complaining about “too much” coverage of Detroit on a Hip-Hop site in 2010 shall be met with the side eye.

Trick Trick

Trick Trick Feat. Guilty Simpson & MarvWon “Cant Fuck With My City” Video


We reviewed Trick Trick's The Villain sometime last decade and this visual is just now getting released.


Current TV With Black Milk & Guilty Simpson

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Current gets embedded with Guilty Simpson and Black Milk as they give the cameras a tour of the streets of Detroit, studio footage, share their thoughts on Dilla and the city's Hip Hop scene, even shopping for vinyl with Black.

Stones Throw Records

Madlib Is Bringing You The Medicine Show

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Because if I had to take a knife to a gunfight, I'd want Guilty Simpson riding with me like Tango & Cash.

The Standard

JR&PH7 Feat. Guilty Simpson & Black Milk – “Top Rank” Video

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If asked to describe this song in one word: GULLY.

Stones Throw Records

Guilty Simpson – “Coroner’s Music”

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Somewhere, LC, David & K1NG are probably doing the Robot @ the news that Guilty & Madlib are putting together a whole album, tentatively titled OJ Simpson.

Sean Price

Random Axe – “Monster Babies”

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You've been formally introduced, so just consider this a harbinger for their future endeavors.

The Beatnuts

“Hip Hop Throwback” – Review Of Recordkingz’ Heavyweight

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Juliano Creator's name may not ring bells in the mainstream's citadel, but one glance of the contributions from his solo debut Heavyweight reveals his Hip-Hop respect is paid in full.

Sean Price

Meet Random Axe

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Words By Jason Hortillas Duck Down hasn't pulled any punches.

talib kweli

Astronote Remixes Biggie Pt. 2

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Astronote remixes "Dangerous" adding a fresh verse from Guilty.

Vulture's Wisdom

Opio – “Some Superfly Shit” Video

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From the album Vulture's Wisdom, Volume 1 and featuring Del & Guilty Simpson.


“Michigan Nights”

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Sweeney K. posted these yesterday but I was a little too busy doing a whole lot of nothing to check'em out.

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