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Meet The Belfast Man Who Plans To Be Buried In A Jack Daniels Coffin


An Iraq war veteran commissioned a company to make him a detailed Jack Daniels coffin so his eventual funeral can be a party for all.


Since It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Let’s Get To Know Guinness A Little Better

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Guinness will sell beer by the tanker today, but there's more about the stout that's myth than truth.

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Thanks To Our Wonderful UPROXX Readers, $10,000 Has Been Donated To Worthy Causes

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You may recall shortly before Christmas we asked you guys to pledge to go out and do some good in the world. Well, thanks to you, $10K is going to charity.

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Donate Some Of Your Time And Help Us Raise $10K For Charity, Won’t You?

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As you guys may have noticed, it's "that time of year." So we here at UPROXX are teaming with Guinness Generous Ale to raise money for a good cause.


Conan Visits the Dublin Guinness Brewery


Conan wants to skip the technical blah-blah-blah and get right to the free beer.


Here Is Ron Swanson And A Giant Pint Of Guinness, Because Why Not?

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I'll be damned if these two -- Guinness and Ron Swanson -- don't go together like peas and carrots or something. If Nick Offerman doesn't get a Guinness endorsement deal out of this I'm gonna be pissed.


Here Is President Obama Drinking Guinness In An Irish Pub


Okay, am I the only one marveled and confused by President Obama's ancestry.

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