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Looking For A Deal On A Guitar? Check Out This 'Wangcaster' On Craigslist

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This Craigslist ad for a 'Wangcaster' guitar is perfect for a person looking for a guitar that is anatomically correct.


Here’s A Guitar Designed To Be Played One-Handed


Ben Heck, modder extraordinaire, as built a guitar you just need one hand to play.


Russian Movers Form Unlikely Band


A Russian man who <a href="">previously demonstrated</a> his ability to play the piano with a second piano strapped to his back takes things up a level: Now he has a guitarist standing on the second piano.


Seven Nation Guitar Army: The 8 Most Recognizable Guitar Riffs Of The 2000s

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A ranking of the eight of the most recognizable guitar riffs of the 2000s, including the White Stripes and Muse.


Guitar Smash Fail


A young man tries and tries and tries to break a guitar over his head, generating a priceless reaction from his mother.

dear god why

While Society Gently Weeps: World's Creepiest Guitar Looks Like A 'Hot Babe' Mannequin

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Behold, the world's creepiest guitar, in the shape of a "hot babe." SHE'S GOT A NECK UP TO HERE.

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