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The Saturday Morning Slow Jam Version Of The ‘Gummi Bears’ Theme Is Magical

Every Saturday, Scott Bradlee reinterprets a cartoon theme song as a slow jam. This time the magic and mystery of 'Gummi Bears' is explored.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Disney Is Giving ‘Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers’ The Live Action Movie Treatment


One of Disney's classic Saturday morning cartoons is getting some new life, as 'Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers' will get a live action version.

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Alicia Keys Sings "Gummi Bears" Theme Song

Alicia Keys performs a soulful rendition of the theme to the cartoon "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere


I'm a frequent and vocal opponent of nostalgia, especially for craphole decades like the '90s.

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