A New PSA Wants Kids To Steal Their Parents’ Guns And Give Them To Their Teachers

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A San Francisco-based production company made the video, which depicts a boy bringing his mom's gun to school to give to his teacher.

school shooting

Two Students Injured In New Mexico Middle School Shooting

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Two children have been shot, and the gunmen injured, at Berrendo Middle School Shooting in Roswell, New Mexico.


XVRHLDY – “Chrome” Video


A short film directed by Scheme Engine illustrating the purity and terror that is Chicago, Illinois from one of the city's own.


Fox News Hosts Blame DC Navy Yard Shootings On ‘Violent Video Games’. Enter Stephen Colbert.

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Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert played a montage of clips showing Fox News personalities linking video games to the DC Navy Yard tragedy. Hilarity then ensued.

Politics As Usual

Lawmaker Calls For Military Occupation Of Chicago To Stop Gun Violence

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One Illinois lawmaker wants a drastic change to occur in the Chicago streets.

The Police Blotter

46 Shot, 8 Dead In Chicago Over The Weekend

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One week ago, the grisly violence we've grown to know Chicago for seemed to be down.


Yoko Ono Tweeted Photo Of John Lennon’s Bloody Glasses To Make Point About Gun Violence

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To prove a point about needless gun violence, Yoko Ono tweeted a photo of John Lennon's broken, blood-splattered glasses.

The Police Blotter

Chicago’s Memorial Day Weekend Ends With 10 Dead, More Than 40 Shot

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We caught our share of flack while offering a rebuttal to Gawker's Chief Keef proclamation and questioned whether the young artist's lyrical content should be heralded as beacon for a city whose levels of violence, particularly among its youth, are constantly at drastic highs compared to the rest of the nation.

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