Canada’s New Military Rifle Is Straight Out Of A Video Game

By | 27 Comments

The Canadian military has a rifle of the future, and it was probably designed by James Cameron.


The TSA’s 2014 List Of Confiscated Items Includes A Real Cannon And 3 Lbs Of Cocaine Stuffed Raw Meat

By | 4 Comments

A real cannon, drug stuffed raw meat, tons of guns, and an enchilada filled with a knife lead this year's confiscations.

j rg sprave

What If Your Revolver Was Like, A Revolving Quadruple Revolver?

By | 7 Comments

German inventer Jörg Sprave makes playing with guns look hella rad.


Kid Rock Wants You To Know He Doesn’t ‘Face-Tweet’ And Thinks Rap-Rock Is ‘Pretty Gay’

By | 10 Comments

Kid Rock is releasing his 10th studio album next month, prompting him to share his opinions on drugs, homophobia, guns and technology.


Watch This Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Gummy Bear Get Blown To Smithereens By A Shotgun

By | 7 Comments

While some of us like to tear into the flesh of oversized gummy bears, others like to shoot 'em in the belly with shotguns. Hasta la vista, gummy bear!


A High School Student In Upstate New York Fought To Pose With Her Rifle In A Yearbook Photo

By | 24 Comments

The yearbook committee originally refused the photo due to the gun's presence, but senior Rebekah Rorick fought to have it included.


This Kickstarter Campaign For A ‘Puppies With Guns’ Calendar Has Now Reached Its Goal

By | 2 Comments

Here are two things that could not have less to do with one another, brought together by the magic of Kickstarter!


Florida Police Can’t Seem To Catch This Armed Man, Despite Him Not Having Hands Or Legs

By | 20 Comments

Police can't catch Sean Petrozzino in connection with the murder of his parents -- despite Petrozzino having no hands or legs.


Interview: Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn On His Directorial Debut Film, ‘Mall’

By | 19 Comments

I interviewed Linkin Park's DJ about his upcoming directorial debut 'Mall'.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Just Doesn’t Feel Safe Unless There’s A Gun In The House

By | 19 Comments

Brad Pitt talks guns while on the promotional tour for 'Fury.'


Sam And Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Home Raided Over The M16 They Apparently Own

By | 12 Comments

The Taylor-Johnson's home was raided when a passer-by noticed an M-16 assault rifle near a window. Oh, who doesn't have one of those?


A Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Posing For A Facebook Selfie

By | 10 Comments

This is why you don't play with guns. Or take selfies.


Meet Johnny Dronehunter, The Guy With Just The Thing To Fend Off Privacy Invasion

By | 12 Comments

SilencerCo is advertising the Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor with a new character named Johnny Dronehunter, whose profession is quite obvious.


This New Gun Safety PSA Features Children Playing With Their Moms’ Dildos

By | 16 Comments

The gun safety advocacy group Evolve is certainly going to get people talking with this PSA that has two kids fighting with sex toys.


Stephen Colbert Visited A Notorious Florida Gun Nut On His Home Turf — And Shot Him Down With Humor

By | 28 Comments

Stephen Colbert visits Doug Varrieur, a notorious Florida gun nut who has been terrorizing his neighbors in his "side yard" shooting range.


Even The NRA Thinks It’s A Bit Weird That Folks Want To Carry Their Assault Rifles Into Restaurants

By | 15 Comments

The NRA released a statement admitting that some of the actions of open carry advocates "can be downright scary."


Good News For Bad Guys, Chipotle Has Banned Guns From All Of Their Stores

By | 29 Comments

What is the gun toting, burrito loving warrior to do now? Go to Taco Bell?


The ‘Aliens’ Pulse Rifle Is Now Real, Sans Grenade Launcher

By | 22 Comments

I want to introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is a working firearm based on the M41A Pulse Rifle.

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