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The Primer: 10 Gang Starr Songs Everyone Should Know

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<a href=""></a>Words By <a href="">Preezy Da Kid</a> | Intro By <a href="">Greg Whitt</a> An emcee from Boston and a DJ from Texas helped define New York Hip-Hop forever.

talib kweli

Marco Polo Feat. Talib Kweli & DJ Premier – “G.U.R.U.”


Seeing as how Guru held down Hip-Hop down so heavy, it's only right hip-hop holds him back down with tribute tracks like Marco Polo's "G.


The iPod Shuffle – Gang Starr’s “Comin’ For Datazz”

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"Who's that lurkin in the dark with the hoodie strapped, Puffin on a blizz, mellow meditating black.


Crooked I – Hip-Hop Weekly Reloaded #1

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<a href=""> Wednesday's aren't just for <a href="">comic books</a> any more.

The iPod Shuffle

De La Soul – “Patti Dooke”

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<a href=""> Taking the circuitous route, I just finished reading Fred Wesley's autobio, <a href="">Hit Me Fred</a> so that may partially be the reason "Patti Dooke" is making an appearance.

Wally Sparks

Mike Bigga Salutes Guru

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<a href=""> "And letters from a dead man I do not trust..." Upon another's death, everyone has got their opinion, their dedication & attempt to add brevity to a situation. Especially in rap, the R.I.P. movement has been one filled with trite remembrances that lack a real connection with the dead. That's where esteemed gentleman Bigga comes in with his accurate assessment of <a href="">the sh#tstorm</a> surrounding the death of Keithy E.


4.26 The Cooler

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Innocence Five Best Music Discovery Services [Lifehacker] 10 Rock Songs Over 10 Minutes Long [Listverse] Dame Dash, Marc Ecko Host Fundraiser For Kevin Powell's Bid For Office [AHH] Best Goal Celebration Ever [With Leather] The Roots Announce New Features For How I Got Over [OkayPlayer] Hectic [...].


DJ Premier – Keith “Guru” Elam Tribute Mix

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<a href=""> Regardless on what side you took surrounding the events leading up to his declining health and ultimate demise, Hip-Hop shed their collective tears just <a href="">five days ago when it lost a pillar</a> of its storied foundation in Keith "Guru" Elam, due to cancer.


The Week That Was: The RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal Edition

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<a href=""> -- <a href="">Guru's</a> passing put a damper on <a href="">4:20</a> and perhaps added incentive for countless fans to "<a href="">Take Two And Pass</a>" with his spirit in mind.


RIP Guru

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<a href=""> Not much to say here that wasn't <a href="">said previously</a>.

XXL Freshman

The Week That Was: The #drakewasfabstruecompetition Edition

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-- Fab may be grooming baby Los to be the successor to his throne, but he found <a href="">Drake's "Over"</a> to be a worthy opponent for <a href="">trending</a> <a href="">topic</a> supremacy on Thursday when he finally got around to dropping the second installment in his <a href="">No Competition series</a>.


Get Well Soon, Guru

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"Gotti*, Can we get a Guru post.

time warner

6.25 The Cooler

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Diamond Coleman Brings The Thickness On Thursday TV Everywhere Is Comcast And Time Warner’s Answer To Free Internet Video [Tech Crunch] Remember When...People Wore FUBU? [Broken Cool] Top Ten Songs to Fight To [Gunaxin] Celebs Respond to Perez Getting Punched [Celeb Jihad] Nike, NBA HOF, [...].


“Own Worst Enemy” – Review Of Guru 8.0: Lost & Found

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Six years removed from the last Gang Starr project, it's quite clear there won't be a follow-up anytime soon.


Video: Guru & “Super-Producer” Solar Say Southern Rap Is Not Hip-Hop

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It doesn't take much to ridicule Guru and "Super-Producer" Solar these days.


Guru – “Divine Rule” Video

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Produced By "Super-Producer" Solar Previously Posted -- <a href="">Premier Must Be Proud…</a>.


Premier Must Be Proud…

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It's something every Gang Starr fan must experience to realize it's OVER.


“The Moment Of Truth”

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We have been <a href="">here before</a>.

Notable Quotables

’98 Notable Quotable – Freddie Foxxx From “I Luv”

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I love beats that are hardcore, dirty and raw I love takin' niggas burners when they scared to draw I love plottin' on my enemies, I love to attack I love beatin' niggas down when they rhymes is whack I love.


“Robbin Hood Theory…”

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I was going to come in here & tell you to listen to <a href="">Gang Starr's Hard To Earn</a> today, but then I was torn and decided to go with Moment Of Truth instead.

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