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Suck It, ‘H8R’

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<a href="" target="_blank">The CW has canceled "H8R,"</a> the Mario Lopez-hosted confrontation show that put down "haters" -- average, non-famous people -- in order to defend human garbage like Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick (pictured), Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, and "Bachelor" star Jake Pavelka.


What Why No Go Away Please

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Fresh off the delightful news that <a href="">her show on TLC was being canceled</a>, the big question on everyone's mind is what's next for America's Sweetheart, Kate Gosselin.

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Three Different Kinds of Awful

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Last week I posted <a href="">brief synopses of the four new shows</a> that the CW is adding to its schedule next year, and while I thought they sounded terrible, I didn't realize they'd be THIS awful.


Here’s the New 2011-12 CW Schedule, For Some Reason

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The CW unveiled its new fall schedule, which I will share with you because it's important to know what shows you're never going to watch.

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Mario Lopez to Host ‘H8R’

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Mario Lopez, the "Access Hollywood" host who could only be more unlikable if he hosted the show seated in a backwards chair, will host a new reality show on the CW called "H8R.

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