This Boyfriend’s Over The Top ‘Prom Proposal’ Doesn’t Exactly Go As Planned


A boyfriend planned an elaborate prom proposals for his girlfriend only to have it backfire right in his face.

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Xbox One Sales Are Better Without Kinect, Too


The Kinect appears to have been holding the Xbox One back to a surprising degree.


AT&T Learns 'Unlimited' Doesn't Mean 'What We Feel Like' In Court

As we all know, AT&T is not exactly popular among, well, anybody, but until recently, they were the only network with an iPhone.

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Turns Out Copyright Trolls Can’t Sue Everybody At Once After All

One of the big advantages copyright trolls have had so far in their endeavors is that they're able to sue lots of people all at once because, after all, if you used BitTorrent, you contributed a little bit to the fraud and so you should pay a million billion dollars.


Music Labels Win The Battle, Lose the War over Music Clouds

You may have heard that music labels were trying to get "locker" services like Amazon Cloud and whatever Google's doing shut down unless they paid the labels massive chunks of change, kind of like that time Universal tried to demand that they get a royalty for every iPod sold, because, like, music was totally stolen off of the Internet and listened to on iPods, so that's Apple's fault.

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