Report: Theaters May Be Allowed To Opt Out Of Showing ‘The Interview’ Due To Alleged Terror Threats

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Following anonymous threats on the film, theaters now have the choice to pull showings of 'The Interview' as a safety precaution.


North Korea Denies The Sony Pictures Hack, But Still Believes James Franco And Seth Rogen Are Terrorists


North Korea is denying claims that they are behind the recent hack of Sony Pictures, but they're certainly not denouncing it.

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Energetic Bear, Russia’s Power Grid Targeting Malware, Attacks The USA

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Energetic Bear is a cyberattack almost certainly originating in Russia that could cripple American power infrastructure. Happy Monday!

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Reddit Asked The Internet About The Scary Things About Technology, The Internet Delivered

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Reddit wanted to know some things that might be scary about technology. The internet responded big time

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It's A Unix System! You Can Now Play Out Jurassic Park's Hacking Scenes In Real Life.

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Hold onto your butt, you can now play out one of Jurassic Park's infamous hacking scenes...


A Porn Company Hijacked The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Website

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Earlier today, people visiting the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders website on mobile devices may have been shocked to find themselves on a porn site.

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Hackers Knocked Out A Major Road In Israel

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So Israel's road network got hacked. We live in the future. Expect tomorrow to feature the Internet plugged directly into our brains.

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The Bible Is Being Used To Crack Your Password

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Password cracking is getting help from an unexpected source: The Bible.

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Hooray For Technology! The Lightbulbs In Your Home Can Be Hacked Now.

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A simple hack of the Philips Hue bulb means lights out when visiting the wrong site. But that is just the tip of a dangerous iceberg.


Church Websites Are Three Times More Likely To Give You A Virus Than Porn Sites

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The good news: Your grandma is probably not looking at porn. The bad news: She probably got that virus on her computer from her church's website.

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'Watch Dogs' Has A Release Date And An Out Of Control New Trailer

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'Watch Dogs' dials down the hacking, and dials up the explosions in its latest trailer...


Burger King’s Twitter Account Got Hacked By Patrick Carney On Behalf Of McDonald’s, Apparently

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Possibly inspired by Patrick Carney's brilliant Bieber trolling expedition, Burger King's Twitter was hacked and turned into a McDonald's Twitter account.


The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun In Montana, Reports TV Station Prankster

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Someone in Montana hacked into the Emergency Alert System to warn that "bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living."


FTC: Bring Me The Head Of Rachel From Card Services!

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The FTC wants robocalls dead, and they're willing to pay to get it done.


Twitter Has Ridiculously Stupid Security Flaw

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Twitter apparently does not believe anybody tries the brute force attack anymore. Also, people vote on sensible policy ideas! And unicorns are real!


Syria's Murderous D-Bag Leader Gets His Email Hacked


<a href=""></a>Bashar Al-Assad is, and we hope we're not being too subtle in our feelings here, a complete and total monster currently committing war crimes because the citizens of the country he rules with an iron fist <a href="">would like somebody who isn't a douchebag</a>, please.


EA Fixes FIFA 2012 After Nearly Six Months of Hacking


Back in October, we started <a href="">covering the Microsoft/FIFA hacking scandal</a>.


FTC Websites Get Hacked, Old People Freak Out


<a href=""></a>It seems that nobody over the age of forty seems able to comprehend that taking down a website is a fairly easy thing to do.

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Another Day, Another Gaming Service Hacked


You know, you'd think game companies, of all people, would be aware that their fan base tends to have a large contingent of teenage nerds, who also tend to be interested in computers and also tend to be interested in the online equivalent of mailbox baseball.


Nook Color Gets a Major Overhaul, Still Needs Hacking


As <a href="">we've mentioned before</a>, we feel the stock Nook Color with a little Android rammed up in it is the best tablet you can buy, something we're standing behind, especially since we use it to buy comics.

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