FTC: Bring Me The Head Of Rachel From Card Services!


The FTC wants robocalls dead, and they're willing to pay to get it done.


Twitter Has Ridiculously Stupid Security Flaw


Twitter apparently does not believe anybody tries the brute force attack anymore. Also, people vote on sensible policy ideas! And unicorns are real!


Syria's Murderous D-Bag Leader Gets His Email Hacked

Bashar Al-Assad is, and we hope we're not being too subtle in our feelings here, a complete and total monster currently committing war crimes because the citizens of the country he rules with an iron fist would like somebody who isn't a douchebag, please.


FTC Websites Get Hacked, Old People Freak Out

It seems that nobody over the age of forty seems able to comprehend that taking down a website is a fairly easy thing to do.

square enix

Another Day, Another Gaming Service Hacked

You know, you'd think game companies, of all people, would be aware that their fan base tends to have a large contingent of teenage nerds, who also tend to be interested in computers and also tend to be interested in the online equivalent of mailbox baseball.


Nook Color Gets a Major Overhaul, Still Needs Hacking

As we've mentioned before, we feel the stock Nook Color with a little Android rammed up in it is the best tablet you can buy, something we're standing behind, especially since we use it to buy comics.

uh oh

Researchers Crack Captcha?


It's been a staple of the Internet for years: having to type some vaguely coherent sounding phrase into a little box in order to heap verbal abuse on somebody who thinks "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" is the one with Khan in it.

xbox live

Why Is EA Ignoring Widespread FIFA Hacking?

Hey, remember when Microsoft basically pulled a Nelson Muntz as Sony had a massive, humiliating security breach centered around the PS3.

Scarlett Johanssoning

FBI: Alleged ScarJo Email Hacker Was An Obsessive World Class Password Guesser, Faces 121 Years In Prison


As you may have heard, the guy who alleged hacked into the emails of numerous celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera -- and famously released nude pics of the lovely Scarlett (the pic above absolutely mesmerizes me) onto the web -- was arrested in Florida (OF COURSE.

so easy even a mac user can do it

Your Best Android Tablet Is…A Nook?


If you're like me, that mystery rash is really starting to worry you.


FBI Arrests Numerous Anonymous Hackers In Nationwide Raids

This aggression surely will not stand, man.


After 168 Years, News Of The World Is No More

Tell News of the World about the rabbits, Rupert.

workplace revenge

Baltimore IT Guy Turned Hacker Convicted of Replacing PowerPoint With Porn

A former IT manager for a company in Baltimore, MD, has simultaneously become a convicted criminal and a workplace hero everywhere after it was revealed that he spent two years hacking into his former employer and saving us all from boredom by swapping out PowerPoint presentations with hardcore pornography.

Lulz Security

Lulz Security Is Just Too Hilariously Out Of Control. Could They Be An Inside Job?

With equal parts curiosity and amusement, I've been following the antics of Lulz Security -- LulzSec for short -- the Internet's hot new comedic hacking troupe, as they've wreaked havoc on the web in recent weeks.

the military

Hacking The U.S. Military Could Result In A Righteous Bombing

Oh, so you're a hacker and you're feeling emboldened by the hackers who hilariously hacked PBS over the weekend, you say.

playstation network

PSN Coming Back This Week?

As most PS3 owners know, because 360 owners won't stop gloating about it, the PlayStation Network is still down, thus bringing sadness to all the griefers and that thirteen-year-old who swears every third word because he thinks it makes him edgy and inspires gamers to new heights of team-killing.

Playstation 3

PS3 Hacked For Good?


No, we don't mean turned into a grill or a laptop, although that would be awesome, we mean somebody got at the root key.

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