Ryan Reynolds Thinks Hackers Revived ‘Deadpool’

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Who leaked the Deadpool test footage, that led to the movie? According to Ryan Reynolds, hackers.


You Can Now Hack Your Keurig 2.0 To Brew Any K-Cup Using This Free Device

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People love Keurig, but hate its DRM. Fortunately, a rebel coffee company has a chunk of plastic that neutralizes it.


Keurig’s Attempt To Block ‘Pirate’ Coffee Can Be Hacked With Scissors And Tape

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Keurig does not want you using coffee that hasn't paid them a royalty. And their system to prevent that can be defeated with tape.


Six Lifehacks That Will Improve Any Party

Promoted by Mike's Hard Lemonade

Having a party? Have these tricks handy.


30 Life Hacks Debunked


John Green puts popular "life hacks" to the test.


Yes, Instagram Photos Are Back On Twitter. No, It’s Not Official.

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Yep, you can get your Instagram photos back on Twitter. And just how illustrates how dumb it was to pull them in the first place.


The Ultimate Lawn Mower Hack


Here's a simple way to save plenty of yard-cutting time and energy with nothing more than a post and a rope.


Facebook Ignored A Security Hole, So A Hacker Went Nuts On Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall

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Facebook wouldn't listen to a hacker who found a serious security flaw. So he found an... innovative way of getting the company's attention.

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In ‘Nicer Than It Sounds’ News: Dad Lets Son Kill Himself In Mario 64

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Dad gives all the goombas in Mario 64 his kid's face, because why not?


How to Fold a Shirt in Less Than Two Seconds


This quick tutorial shows you the fastest way to give your short sleeve shirts a crisp fold.


Now Someone Hacked ‘Legend Of Zelda’ So It’s The Girl (Zelda) Who Saves The Guy (Link)

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A woman redid "The Legend of Zelda," so that its the titular character who saves Link.


Awesome Dad Hacks ‘Donkey Kong’ So His Daughter Can ‘Play As The Girl And Save Mario’

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Game developer/awesome father Mike Mika hacked "Donkey Kong" so his daughter could play as Pauline, not Mario.


So Facebook Got Hacked Last Month And Is Just Now Admitting To It

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No user data was compromised, but hey, everyone else is freaking out about the whole "Facebook hacked" thing.


FYI, You Might Want To Log Out Of Tumblr. Like, NOW!

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Consider this a public service announcement: Tumblr is currently infected with a nasty worm. Get out. GET OUT NOW!


How to Eat Corn in 10 Seconds


People are in such a hurry these days.


How to Save Your Phone When You Drop it in the Toilet


A quick guide to saving your phone from water damage.


How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew


Here are seven easy ways to open a wine bottle when you don't have a corkscrew handy.


Six Ways to Open a Bottle Without an Opener


Here are six easy ways to open a bottle when you find yourself without an opener.


How to Get Cheaper Tickets From Scalpers


Here's an easy way to get cheaper tickets to any game or show from scalpers.

WILL.I.AM And Simon Cowell Want To Find The Next Steve Jobs Using A Reality Show, Of Course

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Simon Cowell and think they're tech geniuses. They'll spend a lot of someone else's money proving that wrong.

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