And Now, An Air Jordan Logo Haircut As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Madman

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Here's what happens when you ask someone with no artistic ability to shave an Air Jordan logo into your head. Good God almighty.


Marvel At This Infographic Of Every One Of Prince’s Hairstyles Since 1978

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Prince has gone through more hairstyles than the Purple One has albums. Unlike his albums, though, they're all great.


Jennifer Lawrence Is An ‘Ugly Negro’ Because She Stole Miley Cyrus’s Haircut, Says Miley Cyrus Fan

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Jennifer Lawrence got a haircut that resembles Miley Cyrus's, which of course means it's time to say terrible things about the perfect J-Law.


Sex Noises At The Barber Prank


Brennan Hastings really enjoys getting a haircut.


This Is Probably The Best Hairstyle Ever


When the above photo <a href="http://theclearlydope.tumblr.com/post/46333034318/let-me-holla-at-that-march-madness-fade">was posted by the Clearly Dope this morning</a>, I opened a quick Google search to try to find some sort of background information on this unique hairstyle.

uproxx video

UPROXX Video: A New Haircut Can Change Your Life


Charlie got a new haircut. His life will never be the same.


The Most Important Thing You’ll Read About Today: Shaun White Got A Haircut

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If there's one thing I've learned from being the editor-in-chief of a sports comedy blog, it's that dating a supermodel can be rough on your hair.

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