Dime Q&A: Ramone Moore leads Temple toward a four-peat


Last night was almost a perfect night for basketball in Philadelphia.


Hornets get owned by Spurs before getting owned by Stern

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The Spurs have worn a lot of labels over the years, but we can't recall a time -- even during the Stephen Jackson era -- when "explosive" was one of them.

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LeBron James dominates ex-team, eviscerates ex-fans in Cleveland

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Whoever has the job of producing We're Not So Bad: The Story of the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers has some tough editing decisions following last night's loss to the Miami Heat.


Hakim Warrick Feeds Paul Millsap A Mouthful Of Leather

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Amar'e Stoudemire who? Watch as Hakim Warrick serves up Paul Millsap a mouthful of leather.


The NBA championship window has closed for the Phoenix Suns

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As the NBA regular season tips off, we preview the upcoming eight-month stretch with our "Highs and Lows" system -- predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.


Team USA narrowly beats Brazil; The nation’s new No. 1 prep baller

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When you're not the '92 Dream Team and penciled in to flog everybody by 30 or 50 points a night, you probably need some close games under your belt to test your clutch-ness and avoid complacency.


Steve Nash is this generation’s Larry Bird

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When the 1992 Dream Team was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame last week, Magic Johnson -- as the de facto spokesman for the team on stage -- saved the coveted "last but not least" status and maybe his most glowing remarks for Larry Bird, his longtime rival.


The Marquee NBA Games Nobody Is Talking About

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In the least-surprising turn of events since the backlash against Barack Obama for not instantly fixing a broken system, the NBA announced it will put Heat/Lakers on center stage as its Christmas Day main event, as well as put the Heat, Lakers and Celtics on display for Opening Night in October.

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How the Suns will replace Amar’e

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This past year the Phoenix Suns scorched the NBA, as they averaged just over 110 points per contest.

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NBA Rumor: Hedo Turkoglu & Josh Childress To Phoenix

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The Phoenix Suns seem destined to make the desert a family affair.


5 Best NBA Offseason Moves Nobody is Talking About

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Welcome to the first day of the rest of the NBA offseason.


Kings of New York: Amar’e, Lance Stephenson own the day

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Best-case scenario: Amar'e Stoudemire is for the Knicks what Patrick Ewing used to be, a dominant interior force who can carry a slumping franchise back to its glory days.


Two schedule changes could turn Chicago into a dynasty

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Who knew scouring another man's day-planner could become so interesting.

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Chris Bosh’s latest free-agent rumor: Headed back to Texas?

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Around the time it became clear Chris Bosh was not going to spend his entire career in Toronto, two seemingly natural destinations for CB4 were Dallas and Houston.


Raptors & Thunder: A Match Made In Heaven

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The Raptors and Thunder are two teams heading in starkly different directions.

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