The Honest Trailer For ‘Portal’ And ‘Portal 2′ Is A Triumph

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'Portal' and 'Portal 2' get the honest trailers treatment, with a "Still Alive" remix and a surprise cameo by Vin Diesel.

Butt controller

A Valve Employee Has Created A Controller You Use With Your Ass

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Is Half Life 3 going to be butt-controlled? Probably not, but it could be...


‘Half-Life 3′ Trademark Applications Filed By Valve, Development Team Names Leaked

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Valve has filed a trademark application for both the title 'Half-Life 3' and their Half-Life symbol, and the names of their development team have leaked.

just tell us already

So Valve Is Messing With Us Over 'Half-Life 3'. Again.

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'Half-Life 3' will probably not be out soon. But Valve is more than happy to mess with us in the meantime. Here's what they're up to.


Play “Half-Life 2″ This Saturday For “Half Life 3″


Every time a TV show is cancelled or a movie featuring a comic book character gets a minor continuity point wrong, nerds freak out like they're being oppressed or something.


Valve Calls Half-Life 3 Rumors “Trolling”. UMADBRO?


Ever since a purported employee of Valve wore a <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/Ekanaut/status/142476850931834880">Half-Life 3 T-shirt</a> to a game developer event, rumors have circulated that Valve would announce HL3 soon or release an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) campaign.

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