The Hall & Oates Classic ‘Rich Girl’ Was Actually About A Guy. So What Else Are They Hiding?

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After TMZ blew the lid off the real meaning of the Hall & Oates song 'Rich Girl,' our investigators dug deep to find the meanings of their other hits.


15 Awesomely Terrible Christmas Songs To Make Sure Your Party Is A Huge Success

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Not looking forward to your company or family Christmas party? Take it over by jamming out to these awesomely terrible Christmas songs.


Man Named Oates Took A Bite Out Of Man Named Hall

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It's almost too perfect: a man with the last name Hall bit another man named Oates.

the girls

Alison Brie & The Girls Sing 'Rich Girl,' Instantly Become Your New Favorite Cover Band

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Perpetual UPROXX muse Alison Brie played Meltdown Comics in LA on Cinco de Mayo with her band The Girls and two separate YouTubers were in attendance to do the internet a huge solid.

The Bird And The Bee

The Bird And The Bee – “Private Eyes”

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As part of their ambitious Interpreting The Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates project, the incandescent indie pop tandem of The Bird And The Bee have renovated "Private Eyes," the Philly-based duo's chart-topping detective tale of troubles that arrive upon decoding love.

The Hemp Museum

“In The Ghetto There’s A Smile…”

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Whether an artist looks toward heightening their lives from funds collected, appeasing their ego with fame or simply tries to go legit and fly straight, everybody in the music business has an agenda.

Our Kind Of Soul

“Looking Back Over My Years, I Guess I Shedded Some Tears…”

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Skin color does not always equate soul and Daryl Hall & John Oates are evidence of that.


“Yacht Rock”

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This isn't new… but it never gets old.

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