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Here Are The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Halloween Costumes Your Kids Will Want

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The folks at Disguise are already hard at work on the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Halloween costumes that your kids are going to demand.

September 11

Now We Know What It Looks Like When Two British Women Dress As ‘Sexy 9/11 Towers’

By | 9 Comments

The worst Halloween costume of the year goes to the women who dressed as "sexy 9/11 towers."


Meet The Virginia Mom Who Dressed Her Child As A KKK Member For Halloween And Defended It

By | 17 Comments

A Virginia woman has earned the Internet's scorn after she dressed her 7-year old son as a KKK member for Halloween and defended it.

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Here’s A Nice Lady Who Dressed Up As A Boston Bombing Victim For Halloween

By | 13 Comments

The thing about dressing up as a Boston bombing victim: don't do it.


Aaron Paul Called The Mother Of The ‘Breaking Bad’ Costume Kids Who Everyone Hates

By | 21 Comments

Aaron Paul called the mom with the kids who dressed as "Breaking Bad" characters, because Aaron Paul is the best.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Freddy Krueger For Halloween, Partied With Lindsay Lohan

By | 7 Comments

Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. attended a Halloween party as Freddy Krueger and hung out with Lindsay Lohan. The horror!


Nicki Minaj Dressed Up As Nicki Minaj For Halloween

By | 13 Comments

Are those duct tape pasties? If so, Nicki Minaj gets bonus points for her Halloween costume in my book.


By The Beard Of Zeus: An Idaho Sportscaster Gloriously Presented The News As Ron Burgundy For Halloween

By | 27 Comments

Idaho sports director Paul Gerke dressed up as Ron Burgundy from 'Anchorman' for Halloween and did his entire report (and the weather) in character.


Honey Boo Boo’s Family Dressed Up As The Kardashians For Halloween

By | 15 Comments

Honey Boo Boo and her family took on the Kardashians for their Halloween costumes this year.


A Reminder That Jennifer Lawrence’s Halloween Costume Is Why Jennifer Lawrence Is The Best

By | 30 Comments

Never forget that Jennifer Lawrence is the best, on Halloween or otherwise.


A Comprehensive Guide To Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Episodes

By | 19 Comments

All the costumes from all of this year's Halloween episodes, from "New Girl" to "Trophy Wife."


This Fan Tells Us All We Need To Know About The Philadelphia Flyers Right Now

By | 3 Comments

One Philadelphia Flyers fan combined Halloween and the fan base's current mood with her costume at last night's loss to the Anaheim Ducks.


The 10 TV Fandoms That Are Owning Halloween 2013

By | 54 Comments

This Halloween, there's going to be a lot of Sterling Archers out there, and other TV fandoms that are bringing it this year.


Christian Ponder And His Wife Samantha Won Halloween With Their ‘The Sandlot’ Couples Costume

By | 18 Comments

Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder and his wife dressed up as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from 'The Sandlot,' officially winning Halloween.


Alex Morgan And Sydney Leroux Were Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke For Halloween

By | 6 Comments

As many, many women chose to dress as Miley Cyrus for Halloween, our biased eyeballs declare that Alex Morgan did it best.


Halloween Baseball Is Officially October’s Best Kind Of Baseball

By | 5 Comments

SDSU's baseball team played a special Halloween game in costume, dressed as everything from cheerleaders to Captain America to the Jamaican bobsled team.


This 'Cheers' Halloween Costume Is Quite Clever

By | 17 Comments

Ever thought of dressing up as the credits of your favorite TV show? This guy dressed as the "Created By" scene of Cheers sure did.


Kristen Schaal's Sexy Vagina Costume From 'The Daily Show' Is Up For Auction On Ebay

By | 3 Comments

Kristen Schaal's Sexy Vagina Costume is up for auction on Ebay, if any of you have a bunch of disposable cash and want a huge plush vagina.


William Zabka Dressed Up As A 'Karate Kid' Skeleton For Halloween

By | 19 Comments

Over the next few days, we’re going to see approximately 1 billion photos of random celebrities and famous people dressed up for Halloween parties, and this is basically my second favorite time of year, with the first also being Halloween, but for seeing babies and animals dressed up in costumes.

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