Demon Children Dressed As Twisty The Clown From ‘American Horror Story’ On Halloween


Please do not dress your children as Twisty the Clown from "American Horror Story: Freak Show." Thank you.


Daniel Bryan’s Halloween Costume Explains Why You Never See Him On Raw

By | 24 Comments

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella wore a meta couples costume for Halloween and we finally have a real explanation for his absence.


You’ll Never Believe What WCW’s Glacier Dressed Up As For Halloween

By | 14 Comments

Remember WCW's Glacier? He might've won Halloween with this incredibly creative costume.


Nick Young And His Rick James Costume Have Officially Won Halloween

By | 11 Comments

Nick Young does something his team has yet to do, win.

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This Weatherman Just Won Halloween With His Green-Screened Skeleton Costume

By | 4 Comments

This Louisville, Kentucky weatherman used the green screen to his advantage to come up with this hilarious skeleton costume.


Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal Telling Conan About His Terribly Awkward Halloween Costumes


When your dad is creating homemade Halloween costumes for you every year, you have to hope yours don't end up like Jake Gyllenhaal's.


Which Halloween Costumes And Candies Are Most Popular In Your State This Year?

By | 10 Comments

According to these maps, certain states are giving out the best candy for Halloween each year, while New Mexico is giving out pencils.


Look At This Kid’s Mike Ditka Costume. Just Look At It.


Little Mike Ditka would be the best coach in the NFC North. Hands down.

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Nobody Does Halloween Costumes Like One-Legged Paralympian, Josh Sundquist

By | 3 Comments

Here's a fantastic look at one-legged Paralympian Josh Sundquist, who does Halloween better than all of you.

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For The Girl Who Likes To Be Hot And Topical, It’s The ‘Sexy Ebola Containment Suit’


Because just about everything can be turned into a 'sexy' Halloween costume, here's an Ebola Containment Suit for ladies.

#Game of Thrones

Don’t Be Sexy Sansa Stark For Halloween. Be Hipster Sansa.

By | 14 Comments

Hipster Sansa knew winter was coming before you even heard of it.


The World’s Dumbest People Are Wearing Ray Rice Domestic Abuse Costumes For Halloween

By | 48 Comments

This goes without saying but if you're wearing Ray Rice Halloween costumes, please reconsider your place in this world.

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