White People Are Dressing As George Zimmerman Shooting Trayvon Martin For Halloween

By | 44 Comments

NOPE. Dressing as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin for Halloween? NOPE NOPE NOPE.


Halloween Treats Gone Wrong


Crest replaced kids' Halloween candy with veggie-flavored treats.


Enjoy These 25 Cool Halloween Pumpkins Inspired By TV And Pop Culture Characters

By | 5 Comments

If you're still looking for Halloween pumpkins to make this year, check out these carved tributes to TV shows, characters, memes, and celebrities.


The Funniest 'Scary Name' From Every 'Treehouse Of Horror' Episode Of 'The Simpsons'

By | 10 Comments

"The Simpsons" have been doing "scary names" during the credits for their "Treehouse of Horror" episodes since season two. Here are the best.


Conan O'Brien Plays Horror Games In The Dark For A Halloween Edition Of Clueless Gamer

By | 5 Comments

Conan O'Brien returns for a Halloween edition of his Clueless Gamer segment on 'Conan'. This time he reviews horror games Slender, Amnesia, and Outlast.


Ellen Made Amy Poehler Watch Videos Of Scary Pranks. She Was Not Impressed.

By | 8 Comments

It turns out scary prank videos turn Amy Poehler into Grumpy Cat.


Enjoy Grumpy Cat Pumpkin, Walter White Pumpkin, And A Slew Of Other Cool Pop Culture Halloween Pumpkins

By | 15 Comments

We've collected 25 cool pop culture Halloween pumpkins, starting with Grumpy Cat, who carved a pumpkin once (it was awful).


This Cute Toddler’s LED Halloween Costume Wins Everything


Royce Hutain of Huntington Beach, California, built a stick figure LED Halloween costume for his 2-year-old daughter Zoey. (GIF and two videos)


‘Baby LED Light Suit’ Is Either This Year’s Creepiest Or Cutest Halloween Costume

By | 2 Comments

Babies everywhere are going to be wearing an LED Light Suit this Halloween.


25 Halloween Costume Ideas From 25 Great TV Shows

By | 14 Comments

The best Halloween costume idea involves dressing up as Heisenberg or Dany.


25 Last-Minute, One-Item Halloween Costumes For Lady Procrastinators

By | 5 Comments

Here are 25 one-piece clothing items that can be used as instant Halloween costumes for women (or dudes, whatever, we won't judge).


38 Sweet Facts About Candy


Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


Kristen Schaal Out-Sexed The Sexy Halloween Costume Debate On ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

By | 19 Comments

The Daily Show's Senior Women's Issues Correspondent shows Jon Stewart her line of sexy Halloween costumes.


Once Again, Paralympian Josh Sundquist Is Better Than Everyone At Halloween

By | 5 Comments

Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist outdid himself once again with this year's Halloween costume - a flamingo.


Ten Instant Costumes Just In Time For Halloween

By | 6 Comments

Instant costumes are pretty much just hoodies. But they're awesome hoodies. Here are ten great ones.


Here Are 25 Geeky Halloween Pumpkins To Class Up Your Porch This Year

By | 5 Comments

It's going to be Halloween soon, and one thing is certain. Pumpkins are evil and must be punished, so here are 25 geeky Halloween pumpkins to try at home.


Neil Patrick Harris And His Disgustingly Adorable Family Won Halloween

By | 11 Comments

C'mon, Neil Patrick Harris and family, stop making everyone else look bad.


Kroger Is Deeply Sorry For Iceburning Matt Schaub

By | 12 Comments

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub was recently TOTALLY ICEBURNED by a parody tombstone at a Houston-area Kroger. Apologies were demanded.


BOOOO! It’s The 5-Second Films Halloween Compilation

By | 3 Comments

A holiday really isn't in season until there's a 5-Second Films compilation to celebrate it.

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