JaVale McGee Posterizes Hamed Haddadi On An Alley-Oop


Nothing will probably ever top DeAndre Jordan's finish over the top of Brandon Knight.

Tyler Honeycutt

NBA Fantasy Basketball: Winners & Losers Of The Trade Deadline


The NBA trade deadline can make or break your fantasy team.


NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies proved to be a pretty solid source of fantasy value last season, even after one of their stars went down with a shoulder injury.


Andrew Bynum Says The Lakers Got Embarrassed; John Starks Makes A Hall Of Fame

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Let's thank Andrew Bynum for pointing out the obvious: the Lakers were steamrolled in the playoffs by Dallas because they were tired, mentally and physically, they were overconfident and cocky, they didn't totally respect the Mavs (who seriously did.


Team USA beats Iran, beats themselves; Celtics add wild card

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If Fran Fraschilla said it once, he said it a thousand times: Team USA wasn't playing against Iran yesterday, they were playing against themselves.


Dime Live Blog: USA vs. Iran

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I've never dealt directly with a bookie, and I don't know much about gambling, so I have to ask: Is there such a scenario where you'd lose money on "winning" bet.

#Chris Paul

NBA Trading Day: McGrady to Sacramento for K-Mart; LeBron gets an All-Star Plan B

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For two guys who were mentioned so often throughout the NBA trading deadline frenzy, it never seemed likely that Tracy McGrady and Kevin Martin would directly cross paths the way they did late Wednesday night.


Bucked Up

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Sporting an 8-3 record going into Monday's action, the Bucks were still a tough team to figure out.


The Wait Is Over (For Some)

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Even though there was no NBA game action last night, there was tons of activity in the League.

Steven Hunter

Hamed Haddadi Says He’s A Star, Demands A Trade

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Last time I checked, the only "stars" on the Grizzlies were O.

#LeBron James

D-Wade finds his politician side

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Seeing as LeBron has given 15,000 "I'm cool where I'm at/I love Cleveland" interviews and yet you've still got dudes in New York City hawking homemade LBJ #23 Knicks jerseys on the street, there's really no point in superstar free-agents-to-be saying anything about their situation in the months before they hit the market.

#Chris Paul

Yi Jianlian doin’ FIBA work without Yao; The next Brandon Jennings

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Lately we've been calling for NBA TV to do us starving hoop fans a favor and put next month's FIBA European Championships on the air, all while forgetting the FIBA Asia Cup is actually going on right now.


Video: International Hoops Brawl

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You may have already seen this floating around today on the web, but these videos of a scuffle between Iran and Jordan in the 2009 Jones Cup are worth watching just to hear the announcer describing what Grizzlies' center Hamed Haddadi does to a dude on the Jordanian squad - apparently Haddadi grabs the guy "by the head like a piece of coconut.


Blake Griffin is a Top 5 Athlete in the NBA Right Now

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Seriously, how many guys in the League can do what Blake Griffin did on that lefty put-back.

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