Stop Everything And Watch A One-Armed Basketball Player Shut Down His Opponent ‘The Fugitive’-Style


Geno Policicchio, a 1 armed basketball player from Michigan, pulled a behind-the-back move on his opponent in one of the coolest moments you'll see today.


A One-Armed Man Won His MMA Debut With An Armbar (No, Seriously)

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Joshua Rector, an MMA fighter with only one arm, won his debut fight via submission. With an armbar. Because life is full of beautiful poetry.


And Now, 22 One-Legged Men In An Ass-Kicking Contest

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<a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/06/and-now-22-one-legged-men-in-an-ass-kicking-contest/one-legged-charity-match" rel="attachment wp-att-114905"></a>I'd like to preface this clip of one-legged soccer players getting into a bench-clearing brawl by saying holy shit, there is no way this is real.


Today In Awesome Wrestling News: PRIME Wrestling Made A Handicapped Fan’s Dream Come True

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In case you missed our story about <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/12/wwe-daniel-bryan-visits-kid-with-cancer-no-lock-video" target="_blank">WWE's Daniel Bryan letting 7-year-old Connor 'Stone Crusher' Michalek tap him out to the No Lock</a>, pro wrestling news can be happy and positive.


Manuel De Los Santos Is Here To Make You Feel Even Worse About Your Golf Game

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I have a dream that I don’t really share with anyone because it’s stupid and will never happen, but one day I would love to play in a celebrity pro-am golf tournament with Bill Murray.

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