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Honest Trailer For ‘Godzilla’ (1998) Takes That ‘Flatnosed Piece Of Sh*t’ To The Woodshed

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The newest Honest Trailer answers the question, "Was the 1998 remake of 'Godzilla' really so bad?" (Spoiler: oh sweet baby kaiju YES.)

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9 TV Roles From Hank Azaria’s Early Days You Might Have Forgotten About

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Take a look at Hank Azaria's body of forgotten TV work that doesn't include 'The Simpsons.'


A Very Unagi And Scientific Ranking Of The Worst Male Characters On ‘Friends’

By | 55 Comments

We used a very serious and legitimate scientific method to rank the worst male characters from the beloved NBC series 'Friends.'


Hank Azaria Offered Insight Into Which ‘Simpsons’ Character Is Going To Die

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Hank Azaria shined a little light on the mystery of which character from 'The Simpsons' will die during the first episode of the upcoming 26th season.


Watch Hank Azaria Describe Famous Criminals To Taylor Schilling Using His ‘Simpsons’ Voices

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Hank Azaria and Taylor Schilling played a game involving criminals and "The Simpsons" on "Watch What Happens Live."


Hank Azaria on his Heat reaction shot: ‘I was truly scared’

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I wouldn't normally write an entire post about a tweet from a celebrity, but let's be honest, any excuse to talk about Pacino's GREAT ASS.


LOUD NOISES! Supercut of Al Pacino acting as hard as he can.

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Here at FilmDrunk, we've long been fans of Al Pacino's ACTING with a capital A and exclamation point.


Aw, NBC Canceled ‘Free Agents’ :(

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The fall's first two cancellations belong to NBC: today the network canceled "Free Agents," which I enjoyed but never found an audience.


Pilot Review: ‘Free Agents’

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I got my hands on some of the pilots for fall's new shows.


Papa Smurf is too old for this smurf

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The first, full-length Smurfs trailer is out, and in it, the "546-year-old" Papa Smurf, voiced by Jonathan Winters, comes dangerously close to uttering the immortal words of Danny Glover: "I'm gettin' too old for this sh*t.


2011 NBA Playoffs Commercial – “Rebounds”

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With the regular season now over, the NBA has graced us with their second commercial spot for the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

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The Smurfs Has A Smurfy New Trailer

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Columbia Pictures has released a new trailer for The Smurfs, a live action version of one of the most annoying cartoons of my childhood.


1st look at The Smurfs, which is about magic now

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We've known for some time that The Smurfs would be getting the Alvin and the Chipmunks treatment (BIG F*CKING GLASSY EYES.


Hank Azaria as Gargamel

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Over the weekend, the internets obtained these new pictures of Hank Azaria (Apu, Chief Wiggum) in costume as Gargamel in the Smurfs movie.

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