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Hank And Marie Watching Miley Cyrus Is Perfect Internet. It Cannot Be Denied.

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There are only two things buzzing today. And they just both so happen to feature singular moments that can be gloriously melded together.


Talking To Dean Norris About ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Under The Dome,’ And Reading On The Toilet

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An interview with actor Dean Norris about "Breaking Bad," "Under the Dome," and toilet jokes.


‘Breaking Bad’ Character Study: Hank Schrader’s Undeniable Importance

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An in-depth look at Hank Schrader and why he is so important to Breaking Bad.

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Hank Schrader Tweets First Image From Final Season Of ‘Breaking Bad’

By | 8 Comments

Looks like Hank is still on the toilet when 'Breaking Bad' picks up again in the summer.

The Best Hank Schrader Parody Images From The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale (And The Morning Links)

By | 7 Comments

The best Hank Schrader parody images of the final shot from the "Breaking Bad" midseason finale, and the Morning Links.


10 Hilarious Insights Into Hank Schrader That You Can't Get From Watching 'Breaking Bad'

By | 12 Comments

The lovable and gruff Hank Schrader has a blog where he discusses his thoughts and philosophies on life and shares insights into his relationships.


7 Things We Learned From Dean Norris’ Appearance On NPR’s Fresh Air

By | 15 Comments

When I downloaded the latest podcast of NPR's Fresh Air this morning I was delighted to learn that Dean Norris -- aka Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad -- was Terry Gross's guest on the show. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the interview.

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