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Dudes Of Planet Earth: Here Are Some Very Important Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Broad City’

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Who says this show is just for chicks? We outline these crucial reasons why every dude should be watching 'Broad City.'


Hannibal Buress’ Five Finest Hip-Hop Moments

By | 21 Comments

A look back at times Hannibal Buress incorporated hip hop into his comedy.


Jay Leno Asked About Bill Cosby, Talks About Other People’s Conversations About Bill Cosby

By | 5 Comments

In a new interview, Jay Leno says that "unfiltered" comedy is a good thing, including Hannibal Buress's claims about Bill Cosby.

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Hannibal Buress’ ‘Al Dente Dentist’ Website From ‘Broad City’ Is A Real Thing

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'The Aldente Dentist' website from 'Broad City' is real and it's wonderful.

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Troubles With The Opposite Sex? The ‘Broad City’ Guide To Getting Laid Is Here To Help!

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Trouble with sex? Let the Broad City duo help you out.


Danny Brown And Hannibal Buress Cruise Bonnaroo In A Golf Cart To Conduct A Golden Interview

By | 7 Comments

Danny Brown and Hannibal Buress ride around Bonnaroo doing one weird but entertaining interview.


Hannibal Buress Gave John Mulaney The Perfect Advice For Performing In Philly

By | 13 Comments

John Mulaney is performing in Philly tonight. He asked fellow comedian Hannibal Buress if he had any pointers.


Did ’30 Rock’ Subtly Call Out The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Way Back In Season 3?

By | 34 Comments

Was this just an uncanny coincidence or did '30 Rock' make a jab at Bill Cosby five years ago?


Bill Cosby Made Jokes About Wanting To Drug Women’s Drinks Way Back In 1969

By | 57 Comments

A search through Cosby's comedy archives turns up a stand-up routine where he jokes about wanting to drug women's drinks.


Bill Cosby Refused To Talk About The Sexual Assault Allegations Against Him In An Interview With NPR

By | 48 Comments

Bill Cosby was prodded about the allegations of sexual assault against him on NPR and his response was silence.


Watch Hannibal Buress’s Hilariously Mean Review Of A Pennsylvania Restaurant


Hannibal Buress was not impressed with the food or service at a rural Pennsylvania bar and restaurant.

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Did Adult Swim’s ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Give Out Seth Rogen’s Phone Number?

By | 14 Comments

One of the weirdest shows on TV may have given the world Seth Rogen's number.


Hannibal Buress Discussed The Controversy Over His Bill Cosby Jokes On Howard Stern’s Show

By | 32 Comments

Howard Stern interviewed Hannibal Buress in the aftermath of his controversial jokes about Bill Cosby going viral.


Hannibal Buress Says Bill Cosby Is A Smug-Faced Rapist

By | 109 Comments

Hannibal Buress just launched the stand-up bit that may destroy Bill Cosby's reputation as a family man.

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Here’s Hannibal Buress Recounting The Time He Had The Landlord From Hell While Living In LA

By | 2 Comments

Hannibal Buress tells Conan about the time he rented a house in LA and his landlord spied on him and criticized him over the phone.

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Brilliant Writers And Actors You May Not Realize Spent Time In The ‘SNL’ Writers’ Room

By | 11 Comments

Ten recognizable names from the entertainment world who began their careers in the 'SNL' writers room.


Hannibal Buress Wore A Jumpsuit With His Face Printed On It On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

By | 4 Comments

Hannibal Buress is embarking on a new standup tour. You should go see him for this jumpsuit alone.


Hannibal Buress Revealed The One Conversation Topic ‘Late Show’ Producers Will Say No To

By | 7 Comments

It was weird, but great to see Hannibal Buress on "Letterman" last night.

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