Michael Bay

Celebrate Michael Bay’s 50th Birthday With His Most Ridiculous And Explosive Action Scenes

By | 13 Comments

Celebrate Michael Bay's 50th birthday with this very explosive ranking of the director's most absurd action scenes.


Looking Back On Peter Gabriel’s Best Live Performances

By | 13 Comments

Both solo and with Genesis, Peter Gabriel is a consummate showman.


Celebrate Burt Reynolds’ 79th Birthday With This Manly Ranking Of His Mustaches

By | 7 Comments

To celebrate Burt Reynolds' 79th birthday, we take a look back at the many awesome mustaches that he rocked in his beloved films.

chris rock

The Routines That Have Defined Chris Rock’s Career

By | 4 Comments

All the times he brought the pain, and was bigger and blacker than we could handle.

Warwick Davis

Celebrate Warwick Davis’ Birthday With The Most Important Lessons From ‘Willow’

By | 26 Comments

For Warwick Davis' 44th birthday, let's take a look back at the 1988 George Lucas and Ron Howard classic 'Willow.'

#South Park

Why We Haven’t Heard From Phil Collins In A While

By | 63 Comments

Phil Collins has been a punchline for a long time -- and he's got some hurt feelings about it.


John Belushi ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketches Everyone Should Know

By | 6 Comments

Despite dying at the tragic age of 33, Belushi left an immense comedic legacy.

#Bob's Burgers

All The Times Louise Belcher Won The Day

By | 7 Comments

She may be the youngest member of her family, but she's wise beyond her years.


Watch Steve Harvey Fight Back Tears After This Wonderful Birthday Surprise

By | 18 Comments

Here's the wonderful surprise that brought Steve Harvey to tears just in time for his 58th birthday.


Steve Harvey Is In For Another Tear-Jerking Birthday Surprise On His Show Tomorrow

By | 8 Comments

In a new preview for tomorrow's 'Steve Harvey Show,' the host gets another tear-jerking birthday visit from his early supporters.

#Arrested Development

Michael Bluth Reactions To Get You Through Any Situation

By | 9 Comments

As he saved the Bluth family, he gave us some great reactions to their craziness.


A Very Spongeworthy Ranking Of Elaine’s Worst Boyfriends On ‘Seinfeld’

By | 19 Comments

For Julia Louis-Dreyfus's 54th birthday, we honor the many awful men that Elaine Benes dated on 'Seinfeld.'


Looking Back On Led Zeppelin’s Greatest Live Performances

By | 12 Comments

Watch the best live clips from one of the best hard rock bands ever.


Celebrate Nicolas Cage’s 51st Birthday With A Ranking Of His Best Movie Hairstyles

By | 14 Comments

As Nic Cage celebrates his 51st birthday today, we pay tribute to the best hairstyles from his best (and worst) movies.


How Kate McKinnon Has Become An Essential ‘SNL’ Cast Member

By | 19 Comments

From 'Dyke And Fats' to her hilarious Angela Merkel impression, McKinnon has consistently brought the laughs.


Dave Foley’s Best ‘Kids In The Hall’ Sketches

By | 31 Comments

Some of the Canadian comic's finest work with the legendary sketch troupe.

#Seth Meyers

Exploring The Evolution Of Seth Meyers

By | 9 Comments

From his Update commentaries, to his affair with Stefon, Seth has had quite a run since debuting on 'SNL' in 2001.

eddie vedder

Everyone Should Watch These Eddie Vedder And Pearl Jam Live Performances On Vedder’s 50th Birthday

By | 10 Comments

Eddie Vedder is 50 today, so let's celebrate by looking back at some great Pearl Jam clips.

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