Happy Birthday Katee Sackhoff! Watch Her First Screen Credit As A Teen Mom In A Kirsten Dunst TV Movie

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On Katee Sackhoff's birthday, let's look back 16 years to her first television role, as a teenager mother in 'Fifteen and Pregnant.'


Celebrate Ric Flair’s 65th Birthday With This Two-Hour Collection Of His Amazing Promos

By | 16 Comments

In honor of Ric Flair's 65th birthday, here are two hours of his incredible promos from part of his legendary wrestling career.


On His 67th Birthday, Here Is A Ranking Of Mike Krzyzewski’s Angriest Faces

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Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski turns 67 today, so we are honoring him by ranking his angriest college basketball game faces.


On Don Cherry’s 80th Birthday, Here Is A Tribute To The Hockey Icon’s Incredible Suits

By | 14 Comments

CBC hockey commentator and former NHL coach Don Cherry is celebrating his 80s birthday in Sochi, but we're celebrating here with a look at his suits.


Porn Actress Heidi Van Horny Will Have Sex With 23 Men On Her 23rd Birthday

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To celebrate her 23rd birthday with a 'big princess party,' porn star Heidi Van Horny will have sex with 23 men on camera.


It’s Tom Selleck’s 69th Birthday, So Here’s A Definitive Ranking Of His Mustaches

By | 40 Comments

To honor the great American actor Tom Selleck on his 69th birthday, here is a ranking of his mustaches throughout his TV and movie career.


Watch Dennis Rodman Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Best Friend Kim Jong-Un

By | 3 Comments

Before today's exhibition game between some American basketball players and a North Korean team, Dennis Rodman sang 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong-Un.


Let’s Pay Tribute To The God Of Soundtracks Kenny Loggins On His 66th Birthday

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In honor of the 66th birthday of the god of 80s movie soundtracks, we're rocking out to all of Kenny Loggins's greatest film hits.


Finally, A Website That Randomly Chooses Nicolas Cage Movies For You On Netflix

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'Nicolas Cage Roulette' is perfect for the Nic Cage fan that doesn't care which movie he watches on Netflix as long as it stars Nic Cage.


The DeMar DeRozan Birthday Cake Says Everything You Could Possibly Say About DeMar DeRozan

By | 4 Comments

I can't in good conscience call Toronto Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan's birthday cake the worst athlete birthday cake ever -- that designation goes to <a href="" target="_blank">Stevie Johnson's ass cake</a> forever and always -- but good God, is it marvelously awful.

bad studies

Singing 'Happy Birthday' Makes Cake Taste Better, Says History's Stupidest Scientific Study


In the last 24 hours UPROXX has used science to <a href="" target="_blank">determine the exact number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">declare the cast of 'DuckTales' a bunch of cannibalistic, corkscrew-penis'd pooper-rapists</a> and somehow those aren't the stupidest scientific discoveries we're gonna share with you today.


Documentarians sue to prove “Happy Birthday” is public domain

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Incredibly, Warner/Chappel music continues to collect royalties on the use of "Happy Birthday," despite <a href="" target="_blank">many people</a> pointing out that it should be considered public domain (not to mention common sense screaming the same thing).


It’s Kate Upton’s 21st Birthday So Let’s Throw Her The GIF Party Of The Year

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Today is Kate Upton’s 21st birthday, and as such we would like to wish our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and reigning With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year (2010-probably when she turns, like, 34 or something) the best of birthday wishes.


It’s Illegal To Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ In Public, So Fight Bullsh*t Copyrights By Writing A New Birthday Song

By | 12 Comments

Due to dumb copyright laws, it's illegal (and costly) to sing "Happy Birthday" in public, so it's time we write a new one.


Happy 25th Birthday, Timothy Richard Tebow!

By | 6 Comments

If you weren’t aware that today is New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow’s birthday, then you probably haven’t turned on a TV or logged into Facebook or Twitter yet.


Happy 40th Birthday, Dwayne: 40 Great Moments Of The Rock

By | 31 Comments

Via <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>: I spent every day of my 30's puttin' in hard work.

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