#The Simpsons

Let’s Take A Fond Look Back At The Lost Art Of The Shameless Television Crossover

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In honor of tonight's 'Simpsons/Family Guy' crossover episode, we look back at a once great television gimmick and what it meant.

#The Walking Dead

Tracking The Sophia: 10 New ‘Jumping The Shark’ Terms

By | 133 Comments

The world needs more terms like "jumping the shark." Here are 10 more.

#arrested development

Ten Seriously Disturbing Pieces of TV Fan Fiction

By | 46 Comments

For this week's list, we sent Josh Kurp into the darkest realms of the Internet: fan fiction forums.


Fonz Cat Gives a Thumbs-Up

By | 8 Comments

Eyyyyyy, this cat has polydactyly, which allows it to give a thumbs-up.


R.I.P June Cleaver & Mr. Cunningham

By | 13 Comments

Over the weekend, Barbara Billingsley -- the actress who played June Cleaver on "Leave It to Beaver" -- <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/barbara-billingsley-tvs-june-clever-dead-94/story?id=11901936" target="_blank">passed away at the age of 94</a>.

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