Insane Cult In Michigan Involves Massages, Doomsday, ‘Lord Of The Rings,’ And Jesus Of Course

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A new Massage/Chiropractor cult in Michigan lures women in and brainwashes them. It was all the cult things we know and a few that we haven't thought of.


Ken Marino Is Coming To Save NBC With The Creator Of ‘Happy Endings’

By | 13 Comments

Ken Marino swoops into NBC with a new pilot from 'Happy Endings' creator David Caspe. YES.


Will These ‘Happy Endings’ And ‘Better Off Ted’ Stars Fare Better On USA Network?

By | 22 Comments

USA is harnessing the power of "Happy Endings" and "Better Off Ted" fans.


NBC Picked Up A Pilot From ‘Happy Endings’ Creator David Caspe

By | 17 Comments

NBC has undoubtedly made some 'Happy Endings' fans pleased by picking up the pilot for the sitcom 'Marry Me' from David Caspe.


Someone At ABC Is Really Bad At Social Media

By | 15 Comments

ABC revived the "Happy Endings" Twitter account last week to start promoting its new show, "Mixology." Nope nope nope.


Ranking The 10 TV Shows That Ended In 2013 We Will Miss The Most

By | 58 Comments

Let us take one last opportunity to mourn the passing of these 10 great television shows in 2013.


Screw It, Let's Have A Hip Hop Santa Dance Party

By | 15 Comments

There is nothing happening today, so let's just watch the Hip Hop Santa dance battle from "Happy Endings."


A 61 Year-Old Blind Man Will Be Able To Keep The Heroic Dog That Saved His Life, Thanks To The Internet

By | 10 Comments

Cecil Williams nearly died after falling from a subway platform. Then he nearly lost the heroic dog that saved his life.


8 Memorable TV Scenes That Were Improvised

By | 55 Comments

We present to you eight great TV scenes that were made up on the spot. You're welcome.

‘Happy Endings’ Alum Eliza Coupe Will Star In A New USA Lawyer Sitcom

By | 19 Comments

Eliza Coupe has signed on to star in a new sitcom for USA about a corporate lawyer who ends up becoming a public defender after a nervous breakdown.


Must See TV: The 8 Strongest Primetime Sitcom Lineups Over The Past 30 Years

By | 126 Comments

Remember when NBC Thursday nights were the best? Must See TV is dead and gone.


Here’s What Season 4 Of ‘Happy Endings’ Would Have Looked Like

By | 31 Comments

There won't be a "Happy Endings" season four, but now we know what it would have been about.

Chris Bosh's weird face

A ‘Happy Endings’ Writer Tweeted Out A Bunch Of Rejected Jokes From The Show

By | 41 Comments

After the show officially died last week, "Happy Endings" writer Jason Berger tweeted out a bunch of rejected and alternate jokes.


'Happy Endings' Is Officially Dead

By | 58 Comments

Sony Pictures Television has stopped shopping "Happy Endings" to other outlets, which means the show is now officially dead.


‘Happy Endings’ Is Really Dead This Time, Probably (And The Morning Links)

By | 15 Comments

'Happy Endings' is dead for real this time. Or is it? Plus, highlights from around the interwebs.

jessica st. clair

USA Network Orders Two Comedies, ‘Happy Endings’ Pick-Up Looks Unlikely

By | 39 Comments

USA Network picked up new comedies from Denis Leary and the team from "Best Friends Forever." As for "Happy Endings," word is that a deal looks unlikely.

ABC Has Canceled ‘Happy Endings’

By | 74 Comments

ABC has canceled "Happy Endings." Now we wait to see if USA (or another cable network) steps in to save it.

Weekend Preview: The Season (And Likely Series) Finale Of ‘Happy Endings’

By | 45 Comments

We bid adieu, probably for the last time, to ABC's phenomenal sitcom, 'Happy Endings.'

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