Elisha Cuthbert In A Pile Of Puppies Is Why ‘Happy Endings’ Should Be Renewed

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Here is an extremely important GIF of Elisha Cuthbert playing with puppies on "Happy Endings."

#game of thrones

Weekend Preview: ‘The President Is Busting My Lady Balls’

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As you MAY have noticed, we're seriously ramping up our VEEP coverage this season as it couldn't be more in our wheelhouse.


USA Network May Pick Up ‘Happy Endings’ If ABC Cancels It

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The classic group gang hang over on 'Happy Endings' may be changing networks next year.


The 12 Network Television Series Most Likely To Be Canceled This Month

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A quick look at the 12 network television series least likely to be around come May.


No One Watched ‘Happy Endings’ Last Night

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America, I thought we had a deal: you'd save "Happy Endings," we wouldn't yell at you.


20 Things We’ll Never Know If One Of The Funniest Shows On TV, ‘Happy Endings,’ Isn’t Saved

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The many questions that would be left unanswered if ABC's "Happy Endings" was to be cancelled.


Eliza Coupe Telling Dirty Jokes Is How ABC Can ‘Save Happy Endings’

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#savehappyendings, or else Eliza Coupe won't have anywhere to tell her dirty jokes anymore.


'Happy Endings' Cast Discusses Being The New 'Full House' (And The Morning Links)

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How the cast of ABC's "Happy Endings" feels about their move to Friday nights, and the rest of the Morning Links.


The Cast Of ‘Happy Endings’ (And Sinbrad) Made A Harlem Shake Video

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The Harlem Shake is stupid. But if anyone can make it tolerable, it's the cast of "Happy Endings" and Sinbrad.


‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ — The Show Replacing ‘Happy Endings’ — Features Kate Gosselin & Kendra Wilkinson

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ABC bumped "Happy Endings" to Friday so they could fill its Tuesday night slot with Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson on "Celebrity Wife Swap."


Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Return To ‘Happy Endings’ This Season

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar will reprise his role as Max's revenge-seeking former roommate later this season. Be careful, buddy. Max and Alex are great at revenge, too.


Let’s Talk About Last Night’s ‘Happy Endings': “The Marry Prankster” & “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

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We've got GIFs and a lively discussion about last night's pair of "Happy Endings" episodes, "The Marry Prankster" & "Our Best Friend's Wedding"


What’s On Tonight: A Double Shot Of Hope And Happiness

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Two episodes of 'Raising Hope' and 'Happy Endings,' and the rest of tonight's television highlights.


Max From ‘Happy Endings’ And Jean-Ralphio From ‘Parks and Rec’ Used To Do Comedy Together, And Morning Links

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Max from 'Happy Endings' and Jean-Ralphio from 'Parks and Rec' were in a comedy trouble called Hot Sauce Academy.


Rejoice! Andy Richter Will Guest On ‘Happy Endings’

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Andy Richter will play Penny's Dad on 'Happy Endings,' despite an age difference that suggests Richter became a father when he was 14.


Let’s Talk About This Week’s Episodes Of ‘Happy Endings’: “Kickball” And “The Ex Factor”

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Recaps and GIFs from this week's two "Happy Endings" episodes, "Kickball" And "The Ex Factor." Also, MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR.

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