Here’s The Brock Lesnar Hardee’s Commercial You’ve Been Waiting For

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Brock Lesnar (of all people) stars in the latest ad for Hardee's, shilling the Bacon Velveeta Patty Melt with repurposed WWE footage.


Quicksilver Continues To Look Ridicuous In A Carl’s Jr. Commercial

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The previous Carl's Jr. ad featuring the X-Men was a gift to those with weird fetishes. This one featuring Quicksilver is a gift to... we're not sure whom.


Hardee’s Bigass Extreme Thickburger Presents The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 6/10/13

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Pre-show notes: - Comments, shares, likes, and anything else that gets people to come here are appreciated, as always.


Carl's Jr. Wins Everything

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Over the weekend, one of the most controversial subjects we’ve ever debated on this site came to a head, as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and 2011 With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton <a href="!/KateUpton">finally openly discussed</a> the elephant in the room.


Kate Upton Is The Best Person Ever At Eating Cheeseburgers

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And now for the best thing you'll read all day: an <a href="">exclusive interview conducted by Fox News</a> (of all people) about how Kate Upton is the new spokesperson for Hardees and Carls Jr.



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Here's the latest in using sexual double entendres to sell fast food.

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