J.K. Rowling To Write The Screenplay For ‘Harry Potter’ Spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them’

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J.K. Rowling is writing her first screenplay for Warner Brothers which will be spinoff of the Harry Potter series 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'.

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Simon Pegg Became Drunk Ron Weasley To Sing Harry Potter Happy Birthday


Oh, just Simon Pegg donning a giant wig and drunkenly wishing Harry a happy 33rd birthday.


'Harry Potter' Superfan Wanted By The FBI After Threatening The Webmaster Tattooed On Her Thigh


The FBI is looking into the whereabouts of a "Harry Potter" superfan who has been sending murderous messages to a Potter webmaster.

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Hotshot New Crime Novelist Robert Galbraith Is Actually JK Rowling Pretending To Be A Man

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Today it was revealed that crime novelist Robert Galbraith is actually Harry Potter author JK Rowling posing as a man. Typical Sunday.


‘Batman In Classic Movie Scenes’ Is The Video Series Gotham Deserves

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These mashup parody videos place Batman in classic movie scenes. Finally.


Honest Trailer: Harry Potter


The Harry Potter franchise gets the always entertaining <a href="http://clipnation.com/tag/honest-trailers/">Honest Trailer</a> treatment.


Meme Watch: Accio ‘Pottering,’ The New ‘Vadering’

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The best examples of the Harry Potter-themed "Pottering" meme.


Lego Hogwarts Is So Amazing It Has To Be Witchcraft

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Could this be the most impressive Lego creation to date?


Check Out These 40 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards You Must

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Every year we post several geeky valentines before Valentine's Day. The tradition continues with this year's top 40 picks.

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Arianny Celeste Will Take Off Her Clothes If You Know About Harry Potter

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Okay, so this is the latest edition of 'FilmStrip,' a YouTube show where you have to answer trivia questions about whatever to get UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste to take off her clothes.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, and some awesome.


Hey Hogwarts Nerds: Real Life Invisibility Cloak!


A mysterious Canadian company say they've invented a Harry Potter-esque invisibility cloak...


Noel Cruz Paints Celebrity Dolls To Make Them Uncanny Valley Fabulous

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Dolls based on movie characters rarely look like the actors we recognize. Artist Noel Cruz has a fix for that.

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Behold, A Smoldering Collection Of The Most ‘Adult’ Emma Watson GIFs We Could Find

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A collection of Emma Watson's most "adult" GIFs, in honor of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."


Movie Puns, Cat Discovering A Forcefield, And Links


Today's links, featuring a mashup of 'Taken' and 'Mario Kart', a wizard in real life, and a cat discovering a mysterious forcefield.


Looting Harry Potter actor couldn't wizard his way out of two years prison time

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22-year-old actor Jamie Waylett, who famously played the villain Gravybeard in the Harry Potter movies-- wait, wait, someone's handing me a note.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

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It's that time of the week where we post a mixed bag of intriguing costumes we spotted recently.


Daniel Radcliffe Reads Harry Potter Slash Fiction


Pardon me, miss, but your sign seems to have a stutter.

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