The Last Cassette Playa

HashBrown – “Do It (Done)”

Take time and listen to this Houston producer/rapper's new influential single.

The Last Cassette Playa

hasHBrown – “The Hype” Video


There's something slightly hypnotic about hasHBrown's latest single, "The Hype.

The Last Cassette Playa

hasHBrown Feat. Miss Jaye & DJ Don – “1994” Video

Typically, tracks reminiscing on how Hip-Hop was better back in the day are a bit corny for my tastes.

Odiwams Films

hasHBrown – “The Devastation/Clarity” Video

Even through his bouts of lyrical thrashing the creative space he's working with, hasHBrown has come to grips with his ying and yang and it is in the forms of devastation and clarity.


hasHBrown – “Heaven” Video x Break Something LP

Making it in the music business might be one of the hardest things to do, period.


Loosies: Mike Posner Returns With Bun B, Curren$y Rocks With Mikey, Ace Hood & Wale


Aside from a few remixes, Mike Posner has been ghost for the better part of the last year.


hasHBrown – “The Death Penalty”

Sometimes, if you're looking for something specific and can't come up with it yourself, outsourcing may be your best option.

Rap Mayor

hasHBrown- Rap Mayor Mixtape


Between SXSW and A3C, I've run into my man hasHBrown more this year than I have certain family members.

We Got Now

hasHBrown Feat. John Dew & Hip-Phonix – “Weed Vs. Alcohol”


You wanna know what's really missing in a lot of these collabos these days.

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