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Three Men Known As The ‘Miley Cyrus Gang’ Started A Bar Fight By Talking About Miley Cyrus

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Three men who are being called "The Miley Cyrus Gang" launched an attack on bar patrons after loudly talking about Miley Cyrus.


The Google Glass 'Hate Crime Victim' Would Like Google To Pay For Her Trip To SXSW

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Sarah Slocum is still going on about her Google Glass 'attack' and now she thinks Google should send her to SXSW to help spread awareness.


Canadian Courts Uphold $15,000 Fine Against Comedian for Lesbian Slurs Against Audience Member

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Back in 2007, Toronto comedian Guy Earle was hosting an open mic night at Zesty's, "a Vancouver restaurant with largely gay clientele.


This Is Pretty Terrible News

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Back in July, former University of Nebraska women’s basketball player Charlie Rogers told police that three men broke into her home, held her down, carved horrific homophobic slurs into her body with knives, and tried to burn her home down with her in it because she’s a lesbian.


University Of Alabama Goes Full Hate Crime

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Usually when a school in the deep south wants to insult a rival, they print out a bunch of stickers of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes pissing on their logo or something and plaster them on the windows of their trucks, and an entire school of rednecks end up with a child urinating on their car forever and we move on with our lives.


When Hate Came Back To Mississippi: White Teens Charged In Fatal Hate Crime

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A few weeks ago, a group of white teenagers piled into a couple of cars and drove from Brandon, MS to Jackson, MS with one mission: to find the first Black person they could and kill him.


Michael Bay film screening causes hate crimes & chicken madness

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The city of Atlanta sponsors an event every late spring called Screen on the Green, in which they show films for free on a giant screen in a public park.

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