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Jack White Continues His War On The Black Keys While Adding Adele To His Enemies List

By | 25 Comments

Jack White still hates The Black Keys with a passion, but now he's adding Adele to his list.


Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Is Facing A Backlash By Other Porn Stars Who Are Jelly

By | 27 Comments

Duke porn star Belle Knox is getting hated on by porn stars who are jelly of her getting famous so fast.

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James Ellroy Hates Hipsters, Liberals, The Modern World, Poor People, And Everything You Can Think Of

By | 73 Comments

James Ellroy opens up about how he hates pretty much everything there is to hate in the world, including the world.


Do Not Mess With Oprah On Twitter, Because She Will BURN You

By | 15 Comments

First off, let's all take a moment to genuflect in the general direction of America's benevolent ruler, Oprah, for it's her birthday. Happy birthday, Oprah!


Everybody Hates Boise State…But Not Really

By | 12 Comments

Be sure to check out FilmDrunk's Vince Mancini and his great photoshops of 20th century history. I'm not big on "FJM-ing" other columnists; those people are entitled to their opinions and the points of view that they wish to represent in their work.


Stanley Cup Finally Meets Justin Bieber

By | 5 Comments

Those grimy little hands that are desecrating the most hallowed trophy in sport belong to none other than the Terrorist of Twitter Trends, Justin Bieber.

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