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Bored Russian Firefighters Made A Hovercraft, Did Not Fill It With Eels

Meanwhile in Russia, some bored firefighters passed the time by making their own working hovercraft out of fire hoses and a trampoline.

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Free ‘Sorry Mario Bros’ Game: The Princess Is In Another Castle (Because She’s Saving Herself)


'Sorry Mario Bros' is a free game that lets Princess Peach make her own escape through three 'Super Mario Bros' levels scrolling from left to right.

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3D-Printed Records Play Led Zeppelin And ‘Star Wars’ Theme On A Fisher Price Record Player

Fred Murphy figured out how to make custom 3D-printed records for a '70s Fisher Price record player to play Led Zeppelin and other stuff.


I Must Posses This: Commodore 64 Bass Guitar And Keytar

Jeri Ellsworth built a Commodore 64 bass guitar which she took to Maker Faire while wearing a portable amp and roller skates. As one does.


Kinect and Wiimote: Together At Last?

Sure, we all make fun of motion gaming, partially because it's required in the Hardcore Gamer Bylaws, along with reading Penny Arcade, mocking Tim Buckley, and owning at least one old console that you insist is the best gaming machine ever invented.


Guitar Hero Now Spits Hot Fire


Chris Marion has awesomely combined three of my favorite things -- hard rock, video games, and fire -- to create FireHero.


The Twelve Best Kinect Hacks Of 2010


Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 was released in early November of this year and went on to sell over 2.5 million units in the first 25 days.


Today’s Top Story: Bison Rides In Cars, Goes To Bars

Jim Sautner of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada modified a sedan into a convertible capable of carrying his 1,600 pound pet bison Bailey to the local bar, where Bailey likes to drink beer and get on the dance floor.


How Dumb Are These Criminals?

Even dumber than this.

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Want To See Some Kinect Hacks? And Fails?

No sooner than a device is released to the unsuspecting public than the unsuspecting public uses it to hurt themselves.


Why Are Cats Unamused By Walking Chumbys?

What, precisely, is a Chumby.

soon the world will tremble before me

Want To Build Your Own Cutting Laser Out Of Your Old PC?

OK, so our dreams of a cheap, homemade death ray will have to remain dreams, at least for now.


Feel Like Making a DIY Tablet?


The unassuming little item to your right is the $170 Insignia Infocast, an "Internet media display", in other words, a Chumby for those who don't feel like buying the padded version.


Wii Balance Board Repurposed To Confuse Toddlers


Researchers at Ithaca College's "Tots on Bots" program have connected a Wii Fit balance board and a baby seat to a motorized chair to give children with mobility problems a means to get around and to mistakenly believe they have awesome telekinetic powers.

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Awesome Bro Mods Game Controller For One-Handed Brother


Hasse instead modified a GameCube controller to be played with just the right hand.

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