‘Sleepy Hollow’ And Other Comics Of Note, December 24th

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Yes, it's Christmas Eve, but we've still got comics on the stands to read.

he man and the masters of the universe

This Supercut Proves He-Man Was Kind Of A Jerk

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Infinite magical power has turned He-Man into a bit of a sarcastic tool in this supercut.


Skeletor Destroys Self-Esteem In This Supercut Of His Best Insults

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Skeletor was a terrible manager, as this supercut of insults from 'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe' proves.

he man

See He-Man’s 21st Century Redesign In This Exclusive ‘He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe′ Preview

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See how He-Man and his team look with modern design in this exclusive preview.


The Skeletor Baby Doll Beats Out All The Other Creepy Dolls


Skeletor is officially a baby doll from Mattel. Really. You can buy this.


Exclusive Preview: ‘He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #6′

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He-Man has a problem on his hands. Also, he has to deal with Hordak, in this preview.


These He-Man GIFs Will Give Your Tuesday The Power

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He-Man has the infinitely looping silent power!

the comic you need to read this week

The Comic You Should Be Reading This Week: "He-Man" #2

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He-Man gets possibly his single best story. And I mean that as way more than a back-handed compliment.


He-Man Out of Development Hell?

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I have to confess something here: I've got a great affection for the live-acton He-Man movie.

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