Pizza Is Being Fingered As The New Culprit In Making America’s Kids Fat

By | 24 Comments

A new study has determined that kids are eating too much pizza, and the kinds of pizza they're eating are really bad for them.

#Star Trek

Google X Is Trying To Create A Working Tricorder From ‘Star Trek’


Your health woes will still be woes in the future, but Google wants to make sure you can fix them a lot quicker.


Apparently Soda May Age Us As Much As Cigarettes

By | 17 Comments

Will we resist the allure of soda pop now that a new report indicates that it may age us prematurely?


‘First Derm’ Is The App That Lets You Send Pictures Of Your Junk To Qualified Doctors


With more than 10,000 downloads and 1,000 diagnoses since January, the health app 'First Derm' is changing the way people visit doctors.

#tracy morgan

Tracy Morgan Has Been Moved From The Hospital To A Rehab Center

By | 3 Comments

Following his June 7 accident, actor Tracy Morgan has been moved from the hospital to a rehab center, as he 'still has a long way to go.'

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A Porn Star Has To Choose Between Her Size O Breasts And Her Life

By | 36 Comments

Porn star Elizabeth Starr has been told by her doctor that she either needs her Size O breasts removed or she might die from blood clots.


Supposedly This Japanese Super Food Could Kill The Flu, If It Doesn't Kill Your Appetite First

By | 2 Comments

If you don't mind sucking pickled turnip juice, this Japanese super food could save you a flu shot.


The Popular Bodybuilding Supplement ‘Craze’ Is Actually A ‘Close Cousin Of Meth’

By | 15 Comments

According to a new study, the bodybuilding supplement Craze has an ingredient that closely resembles methamphetamine.


Meet The Virus That Saves You From Diabetes… By Making You Fatter

By | 4 Comments

OK, so you'll be the size of a parade float, but parts of your body will not be rotting off and you won't go blind. So fair trade.


Man With No Legs Does Push-Ups


Nick Vogt lost both his legs during an IED attack in 2011 in Afghanistan.


Scientific Weight Loss Tips


Struggling to find that perfect diet or pill.


Why Our Brains Love Junk Food


Hank from SciShow explains the scientific reasons we humans generally prefer to eat donut hamburgers to carrots.


All-Purpose Anti-Viral Actually Seems Like a Bad Idea


The holy grail of drugs right now is an "all purpose anti-viral": one drug that can be used against multiple viral infections.


New Scanner Can Tell If You’re Vaguely, Generally Healthy


Remember that Star Trek scene were Doctor McCoy scans someone with his little whirring thing and said dramatically, "He's probably a little bit sick, Jim.

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