Torae Feat. Mike Shorey – “Outta Here” Video

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Your favorite raplord cardiologist of Hip-Hop released this club gem earlier in the year to defibrillate his Heart Failure campaign and now the eye candy is finally here.


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Torae

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When thumbing through a list of rappers known to juggle the varying degrees of human emotion in their music, few would conclude that <a href="">Torae</a> was a prominent speaker on the matters.


Torae x DJ Blazita – Heart Failure Mixtape

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<a href=""> In the night, Torae hears 'em talk the coldest story ever told and the Coney Island champ wants to send all jilted lover's into cardiac arrest with his new freebie, Heart Failure. More than just another Valentine's Day playlist, Torae examines all cardiology matters from the hot to cold and lukewarm emotions. Presented <a href="">by Honey Mag & Flud Watches</a> and mixed by the lovely DJ Blazita, join Torae, Phonte, Yahzara and Mike Shorey as they watch that big, red beast deflate on the most romantic day of the year.


Torae Feat. Mike Shorey – “Outta Here”


For everybody in the club doing the same 'ol two-step, wishing the girl they were hollering at used her feet to hop in your car, <a href="">Torae</a> has the anthem for you.


Torae – “Point Of View”

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<a href=""> It's always possible to sense the end of a relationship coming, like the feeling in the air that appears before a thunderstorm. While it's impossible to predict the exactly when the sky will open, or when the bond between two people will reach it's breaking point, a certain unmistakable tension fills the atmosphere in those waning days. <a href="">Torae</a> knows this feeling exactly.

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