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Grab Your Fake Cards Kids, It’s Time For The ‘Hearthstone’ Honest Trailer

By | 3 Comments

Honest Trailers tackles the virtual card game crack that is 'Hearthstone'.

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Gamma Squad’s Best Games Of 2014: Part Two

By | 9 Comments

We enter the top twenty with everything from a mobile hit to a handheld cult sensation.

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The Best Video Game Of 2014 Might Surprise You — And Shoot You A Dirty Look

By | 24 Comments

We took ten best-of lists from respectable video game sites, and compared them. The game they loved the most? Not the game you're expecting.

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Hearthstone Tournament Bans Women So They Can Become ‘A Legitimate Sport’

By | 14 Comments

A Finnish Hearthstone tournament posted some rules banning women. Guess how that worked out!


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