Heartwarming stories

Here’s Tim Tebow Shocking Walmart Customers By Paying Off Their Layaway Accounts

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Tim Tebow used his fame for good, helping those in need at Walmart's in Florida.


This Dog Was Finally Reunited With Its Owner After Being Stolen With Her Car Nearly Two Months Ago

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This Philadelphia high school teacher was miraculously reunited with her dog after it was stolen with her car back in October.

Heartwarming stories

Watch Two-Time Plane Crash Survivor Austin Hatch Score In His College Basketball Debut

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Here's the inspirational story of Austin Hatch, a college basketball player who survived two plane crashes.


Watch This Amazing Rescue Of A Dog That Had Fallen Into A Pool Of Hot Tar

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This poor dog would have died if these rescuers hadn't come along to save it.

Devon Still

Devon Still Thanked Sean Payton For Supporting His Daughter’s Cause In A Heartwarming Interview

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Sean Payton bought 100 jerseys in support of Devon Still and his daughter's fight against cancer. Today, the two spoke on Mike and Mike.

Omar Garcia

9-Year Old Omar Garcia Tapped Out Former UFC Champion Jens Pulver

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In a rare "happy MMA" story, former UFC champ Jens Pulver was soundly defeated in a fight by his 9-year old nephew Omar.


This Moment Between The Dayton Dragons Mascot And A Deaf Boy Will Make Your Heart Happy

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Heater, the mascot of the Dayton Dragons, had an unforgettable interaction with a deaf boy who wanted to meet him. Oh no, the tears.

Heartwarming stories

Sonny The Two Legged Chihuahua Has Finally Got Wheels And Is Cruising For Your Heart


A kind donation gave this two-legged chihuahua a safer mode of transportation.

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