Hecklers Disrupted Bill Cosby’s Latest Performance With Chants Of ‘We Believe The Women’

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A group of hecklers disrupted Bill Cosby's final show in Canada with chants, while supporters of the comedian chanted back.


Watch Justin Timberlake’s Funny & Charming Reaction To Two Fans Flipping Him The Bird

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Hecklers give Justin Timberlake the finger during a concert in Philly. Timberlake responds like a dashingly handsome champion.

well played sir

Here’s What Happens When An Indian-American Comedian Gets Playfully Heckled By A US Military Member

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A comedian who was best known for writing for Family Guy is now best known for being a most excellent sport.


Dave Chappelle Walked Off Stage After Being Heckled In Hartford

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Last night in Hartford, CT, some frat bros ruined the Dave Chappelle fun for everyone.


Patton Oswalt’s ‘Closed Letter To Myself’ On Thievery, Hecklers And Rape Jokes Is A Must Read

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Patton Oswalt posted a new essay to his website regarding a longtime comic's insight on the recent topics of joke thievery, heckling and rape jokes.


Watch Louis C.K. Eviscerate A Woman Who Complimented Him On His 'Sexy' Boots In The Middle Of A Show

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Remember that episode of Louie when a woman started heckling Louis C.K. from the audience and he just destroyed her? Yeah, well, it happened in real life.


Armond White heckled Michael Moore because of course

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As mentioned in the previous post, the New York Film Critics Circle had their awards ceremony this week, and as a three-time former chairman of the circle, our favorite old curmudgeonarion thesaurasaurus Armond White was in the audience.


VIDEO: Comedian brings heckler on stage, finds cocaine on him

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Here's a fun little video that's been making the rounds among my stand-up comedian friends: comedian Jake Weisman, performing at the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans over the weekend, finds himself dealing with your typical drunk jackass who thinks he's helping entertain the audience by interjecting dumb comments in the middle of Weisman's set ups (you'd be amazed at how common it is for drunk people to talk to the the guy on stage as if it's a private conversation between just them two - I mentioned this phenomenon in my Dave Chappelle story a while back).

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