NBA Trade Rumor: Dwight Howard To N.J. For Brook Lopez & Picks

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It's always sad to see teams feel forced into a trade in preparation of the inevitable.


NBA Fantasy Team Analysis: The Orlando Magic

By | 3 Comments

Outside of their beast in the middle and waterfall of threes, the Orlando Magic are a team of uncertainty for fantasy owners.


Ray Allen Prepared To Lose The NBA Season

By | 11 Comments

With the NBA lockout raging on, Jesus Shuttlesworth has been getting a lot more pub than Ray Allen has around these parts.


NBA Players Most Negatively Affected By The Lockout

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A year lost to the black hole of an NBA lockout doesn't stop at lost revenues for team owners, nor the lost nights of kicking back with an extra large bag of Doritos to catch a game.


Rick Adelman To Become A Wolf

By | 36 Comments

There's little doubt you heard Derek Fisher advising players to get ready for the season.


Dwyane Wade Very Interested In Playing In China

By | 16 Comments

Dwyane Wade says he would absolutely listen to offers in China if something came up down the road.


Shaquille O’Neal Officially Joins TNT; Say Happy Birthday To Twitter

By | 27 Comments

We told y'all about the news earlier this week, but yesterday it became official: Shaq is a part of the squad at TNT and Inside The NBA.


The NBA Draft: Perception Isn’t Reality

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The media doesn't often come to a consensus, but regarding this year's NBA Draft class, there seems to be widespread agreement: it blows.


NBA Trade Rumors: Where Will Andre Iguodala Land?

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Andre Iguodala was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, and soon enough, he was labeled the replacement for an aging Allen Iverson.

#Chris Paul

Dirk Is Superbad; Dwight Should Be Super Mad

By | 60 Comments

The Blazers' fourth-quarter run was all heart.


We Found the New Thunder, MVP Chants Rain Down in Minnesota

By | 37 Comments

As one of the young up-and-coming teams in the league, it is their young, dynamic scorers who get all the attention.


Rondo changes his game to spark Boston’s Super Bowl Sunday win

By | 34 Comments

Here's the thing: Just because Rajon Rondo doesn't score a lot, it doesn't mean he can't score.


Buy Low, Sell High: Fantasy Week 13

By | 18 Comments

Buy Low: Aaron Brooks remains glued to the bench and has consequently seen his production stagger since his triumphant surprise 24-point return from an ankle injury on Jan.


Karma comes back at LeBron in the form of flying Clippers

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Apparently karma is is a b**** who gets you every time, even when you're merely basking (publicly) in the misfortune of those who originally wished misfortune on you.


Millionaire Matchmaker: The NBA’s perfect player-team couplings

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There was an interesting -- if not all that surprising -- statistic relayed by the Portland announcers during Sunday night's Blazers/Heat game: Dwyane Wade is the NBA's 2nd-leading scorer in fast break points among guards (I'd assume Monta Ellis is first), while LeBron James is No.

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