Heineken And Sam Adams Are Boycotting St. Patrick’s Day Parades Until Gays Can March

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Until gays and lesbians can openly march in St. Patrick's Day parades, Heineken and Sam Adams won't be giving any financial support.


QoTD: If You Were Offered An On-The-Spot Vacation, Would You Go?

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Despite being a preferred alcoholic beverage of fine gentleman across the globe - myself included, Heineken shows their branding is on point too, with their "Departure Roulette" campaign, which poses the question above.


James Bond Just Wants To Chug A Brew, Bro

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In a move that probably would have helped MGM avoid nearly losing the entire franchise, James Bond – both the character and the man who plays him – will be used to shill for Heineken a little heavier than usual as the release of Skyfall approaches.


Beer Fixes All

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There's a reason I smoke and don't drink and this commercial illustrates it perfectly.

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