Russell Crowe Has A Theory About Why Older Actresses Can’t Find Work In Hollywood

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Actresses of Hollywood, listen up! Russell Crowe is here to explain why there are parts for women of all ages in film, even older women.


Helen Mirren’s Body Double Is Nearly 40 Years Younger Than She Is

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Helen Mirren is 69. Her body double is 30. That's insane.


Helen Mirren Is Offended That Hackers Don’t Want Her Nude Pictures

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If any hackers want to see Helen Mirren's naked photos, she's more than willing to show them.


Watch Jimmy Fallon Consult The ‘Helen MIrren’ On The Wall About All The Spanking In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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Helen Mirren plays the kinky lady in the mirror on 'The Tonight Show,' giving her thoughts on 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and other topics.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Song Pharrell Williams Will Perform At This Year’s Oscars


Everyone's favorite NERD will bring some swagger and happiness to the 2014 Oscars. And hats?

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Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Helen Mirren Twerk In This Hilariously Unbelievable Video

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Until now, only amateurs have twerked, but now, Helen Mirren comes to put everyone to shame with how she twerks. (Hint: Very well)


Amy Adams Was The Latest Guest To Be Subjected To Jon Stewart’s Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren Theory

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Directly after providing some sanity last night Jon Stewart delved back into his own insanity.


Sir Ian McKellen Is The Latest To Shoot Down Jon Stewart’s Weird Jennifer Lawrence-Helen Mirren Theory

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Last night Sir Ian McKellen had a lovely chat with Jon Stewart that took the backseat to obsessive Jennifer Lawrence theories.


Helen Mirren cussed out a gay pride parade while dressed as Queen Elizabeth

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Helen Mirren cursed out a group of drummers from a gay pride parade over the weekend, all while dressed in full stage costume as Queen Elizabeth II.


RED 2 Has A New Trailer, Now With 100% More Byung Hun Lee

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As has been previously and unanimously agreed upon by everyone in the world, RED 2 is the most anticipated sequel of 2013, and it should already be awarded all of next year’s Academy Awards.


The RED 2 Release Has Been Moved Up To July!!!

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Some unnamed people around here like to make fun of a movie like RED, because it featured an ensemble cast of older actors as former CIA agents and international spies, and that’s just goofy because Viagra jokes and broken hips, LOL.


Red 2 Trailer: Old People Be Shootin’

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All the stars are back for Red 2, which loses director Robert Schwentke and picks up Dean Parisot, who did both the delightful Galaxy Quest and the virulently unfunny train wreck, Fun with Dick and Jane.


Our 15 Favorite Out-Of-Context Quotes From Warren Ellis On The Nerdist Podcast

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Warren Ellis was on the most recent episode of the Nerdist podcast, and we've collected some of our favorite out-of-context quotes from his episode.


Watch: New “Hitchcock” Movie Trailer Starring Anthony Hopkins

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Words By Dr Hip-Hop | @DrHipHop85 Halloween is soon approaching, so it seems only fitting that the first full-length trailer for the upcoming Alfred Hitchcock biopic, Hitchcock, has hit the web.


Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock in ‘Movie: The Movie.’

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Poor Toby Jones, first he played a dead-on Truman Capote in Infamous, only to be overshadowed by Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote, and this year he plays Alfred Hitchcock in HBO's The Girl, where he'll almost certainly be overshadowed by Sir Anthony Hopkins in Hitchcock.


New Metal Gear Solid Movie Won’t Be Called G.I. Joe 3, Will Feature a Restart Option

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Like you, I'm still waiting for someone to adapt the Tetris series (possible plot: Ben Affleck in a race against a giant long falling rectangle that's out to DESTROY THE WORLD by falling on his head).

Steven Moffat

The World’s Hottest Sexagenarian Wants to be the Next Doctor Who

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I realize that this may be a bit beyond most of your nerd grades here on Warming Glow -- CONGRATULATIONS YOU'RE NOT A DORK -- but the newswire is thin, and this is an intriguing possibility if you're a "Doctor Who" fan.

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