Whoops! Winnipeg Police Accidentally Broadcast A Blowjob Conversation From A Helicopter


Winnipeg Police have apologized over an incident that led to the hashtag #whoops trending on Twitter.


Bill Burr Jokes About Christianity And Escaping Zombies In This Teaser For His New Netflix Special


Comedian talks about population control, zombies, and the story of Scientology in his Netflix special, out December 5.


Michael Bolton And Sinbad Took A Ride In A Helicopter Together Because Life Is Strange

Sometimes things on the Internet just don't make sense, like Michael Bolton and Sinbad going on a helicopter adventure together.

#game of thrones

Hey, Do You Want To Go On A Helicopter Ride With George R.R. Martin And Look At Some Wolves?


Or actually appear in one of the books? Because thanks to this new fundraiser, you may finally get your wish.


Stadium-Wide Brazilian Soccer Brawls, Now With Helicopters

A Brazilian soccer brawl got so bad that police fired tear gas and rubber bullets, and a helicopter had to be flown in to airlift someone away.


Video: The Ostrichcopter Is Going To Haunt Your Dreams


Dutch artist Bart Jansen is back with his latest creation, the Ostrichcopter, which is a dead ostrich turned into a helicopter in the name of art.


RC Helicopter Proposal

Jason Muscat told his pregnant girlfriend Christina that he wanted to take some photos of her in the park.


Helicopter Fishing

A helicopter pilot sees an RC plane crash into the top of a tree, and takes the time to retrieve for the surprised owner.

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Ocho And Marvin, Under One Roof! The Election Episode


In an effort to regain control of his team, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis decides to take the drastic step of bringing volatile wideout Chad Ocho Cinco into his home in a spirited attempt to get the two men to understand one another.

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