You Need People Like Me

Hell Rell – You Need People Like Me Mixtape

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<a href=""> Because we need people like Hell Rell. Powered by Dipset exec Duke Da God, Ruger's bringing back black mask music and I'll give it a chance in the whip based off <a href="">the few tracks</a> previously released.

The D.I.P. Agenda

Hell Rell Feat. Sheek Louch – “Dipset/D-Block Pt. 2″

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<a href=""> Is it possible to release an interview mixtape? Because if it is, <a href="">Hell Rell</a> needs to be the first to do so.

Young Dro

Smokin’ Dro Week 4 – “You Know What It Is”

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<a href=""> The <a href="">tape with Greg Street</a> was enough Dro for one week.

Sen City

Freekey Zekey – “If He’s A Killer” Video

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We do not condone random acts of violence and illegal activities.

You Need People Like Me

Hell Rell – “It Ain’t Me” Video

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<a href=""> Rooting for the underdog is an American pastime, inherent to who we are as a people. It's the reason why I give praise to artists like <a href="">Yayo</a> and Rell.

You Need People Like Me

Hell Rell – “Standing Ovation”

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<a href=""> "I got a smart mind, plus a stupid pistol..." While the rest of the have been sporadic, <a href="">Ruger Rell's</a> been the most consistent of the once strong Dips and for that he should receive a "Standing Ovation.

You Need People Like Me

Hell Rell – “Dealer & The Jeweler”

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<a href=""> "Man I ain't leavin' this town, let's relax and chill, Man I ain't leaving this town with less than a half a mil, I finish the work, shoot back to the city, See the jeweler, buy the f#ckin' same chain as Diddy." <a href="">Ruger Rell's</a> still gettin' it in, on and off the mic apparently.


“Wise Words From A Decent Man…”

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<a href=""> With all the <a href="">high profile </a><a href="">records </a><a href="">surfacing</a> <a href="">lately</a>, only one thing in the world would force them to take a back seat.


A Day In The Life Of Hell Rell

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On everything, there aren't many uploads better in Hip-Hop than a <a href="">Hell Rell</a> interview.


9.10 The Cooler

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Challedon Saltor.


Hell Rell & His Impeccable Interview Abilities

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Before you say anything, I already know this footage has been out for two weeks.

Jim Jones

“U Don’t Want It” – Review Of Hell Rell’s Hell Up In The Bronx

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What’s better <a href="">than two</a> Hell Rell <a href="">albums in 2009</a>.

Sheek Louch

“Refuse 2 Die” – Review Of AZ’s Legendary

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There are certain words within each profession which are reserved for a select few who have toiled to reach a higher plateau.

Hell Rell

“Gangsta” – Review Of Hell Rell’s Hard As Hell

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Note: Pause @ The Title Neither praise nor criticism seems to faze Hell Rell.


“The Ruga Show” – Review Of Hell Rell’s Get In Line Or Get Lined Up

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Usually when a breakup occurs, so much attention is given to the main parties involved that others affected often become an afterthought.

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